Report-back on Solidarity Actions for Anarchist Prisoners in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

Received on 12.09.17:

Russian anarchists have taken an active part in the international days of solidarity with anarchist prisoners. We are glad that more and more Russian cities join the campaign and we hope that solidarity actions will not be restricted by the limits of a particular campaign.

In a number of cities anarchists reminded about the prisoners with graffiti and leaflets. Such raids were held in Kaliningrad, Belgorod, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Tomsk, Kazan, Khabarovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk, Tumen, and Saratov.

Kaliningrad and Khabarovsk deserve special attention. In Kaliningrad they made graffiti with the word SVOBODA (FREEDOM) which consisted of names of 129 anarchist and anti-fascist prisoners from the whole world.


In Moscow anarchists payed visits to the embassies of Italy and Greece, where they hang banners with the calls for liberation of Italian and Greek comrades. In Greece dozens of anarchists are kept in prison for terms up to 25 years for armed struggle against the state, expropriations or for peaceful activities. In Italy in the beginning of August eight anarchists were detained on suspicion of an attack on carabineri barracks, blowing up a cop and a fascist shop.

Also, Moscow anarchists visited Goete cultural center at German embassy. Leaflets were placed in its area to remind about repressions against anarchists in Hamburg after protests against the G20 summit.

Also, Moscow anarchists dropped a banner at Mira prospect calling for liberation of Russian anarchists.

Dmitry Buchenkov is accused of taking part in riots in Bolotnaya square on May 6, 2012, when police attacked a peaceful demonstration, which resulted in clashes. Many anarchists were detained that day, some were convicted but Dmitry Buchenkov was not on Bolotnaya that day. The authorities are using a photo of a different person, who does not even look like Buchenkov, to accuse him. The real reason for prosecution is his active participation in the anarchist movement – the political police had been threatening him before the arrest.


Ilya Romanov has been sentenced for 10 years for preparing a terrorist attack just because a firecracker had exploded in his hands. The authorities based their accusations on the fact that Romanov had already spent 10 years in a Ukraine prison for posessing arms and calling for overthrowing the government. For informing the public about the terrible situation in Russian prisons the authorities addid him a new accusation – propaganda of terrorism, They had seized his mobile phone and used his account in social media to spread a video clip calling for terrorist attacks.


Alexander Kolchenko – an anarchist from the Crimea, after Russian military seized the peninsular and started repressions, he was accused of setting fire to the door of United Russia office and preparing terrorist attacks against Russian authorities. His case was fabricated – Kolchenko is accused of belonging to Right Sector, yet in fact he is a convinced anarchist and anti-fascist, who took part in clashes with neo-nazi. FSB used torture to make his friends give evidence against him. Now Alexander is serving a 10-year term in a Ural prison camp.


In Penza a banner was dropped to remind about the people detained at anti-corruption meetings on March 26 and June12. 13 people from several Russian cities are being prosecuted for taking to streets to protest against corruption. Some are still in pre-trial prisons, some have already been sentenced to prison terms.


Also, a banner in support of political prisoners was dropped in Cherepovets.

In Chelyabinsk anarchists held a number of actions in support of political prisonersThere were several information campaigns, a small demo with firecrackers and a banner near the prison camp where they keep Alexander Kolchenko.

In Murmansk and Irkutsk there were solidarity parties, where people could learn about the situation in prisons, wrote letters to anarchist prisoners and raised money for them.

Also, Left Block activists held one man pickets.

The campaign was also held in neighbouring countries. In Belarus there were actions in support of Dmitry Polienko, who has been recently acknowledged prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International. Dmitry is an anarchist and social activist, who in October 2016 was sentenced to 2 years with a detachment for “violence against a police officer” during the cycling race “Critical Mass”. As he continued his activity on April 6 2017 he was sentenced to a real prison camp term of 2 years (he has already served 5 months in a pre-trial prison).

Also, Belarus anarchists dropped banners and spread leaflets in solidarity with the comrades who are in detention accused of setting fire to a propagandist billboard in Ivacevichi belonging to the Ministry of Justice of Belarus.

Meanwhile, in Lvov (Ukraine) there was a picket of solidarity with Belarus anarchists held by Black Flag movement.

Movements People’s Self-Defence, Liberty and Truth, Movement of Irkutsk Anarchists, Left Block, Free North library, Free Penza, Black Flag, Saratov Center of Social, Legal and Environmental Initiativesas well as autonomous groups and individuals took part in the campaign.

(Read the original Russian text at Naroborona)

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