Madrid, Spain: Simultaneous Attacks in Solidarity with Comrades Arrested & Imprisoned During the Hamburg G20 Summit


We were in Hamburg and we remembered you.

When their bank branches burned.

When their shop windows exploded.

When the barricades were lit.

When we took the city.

But we still remembered you when we returned to the rest of our inert grey cities where you reign, because you are everywhere. We remembered everything we could do, anytime, anywhere, while Hamburg burned.

Likewise, we remember all the suffering and anger that they generate. Also when they attack those who confront them. We never forget all the people who are beaten by their guards, who live locked up in prison or who die for choosing the path of confrontation. And it is in their name that this action was carried out.

It is for this reason that on the night of October 4th to 5th that the ATMs of dozens of bank branches in different parts of Madrid were attacked with hammers: Lavapiés, Bilbao-Alonso Martínez, Tetuán-Castellana, Carabanchel, Vallekas, Coslada, Barrio del Pilar and La Elipa. Stickers were left on them saying: “In Madrid, As In Hamburg. Spread The Revolt”, “Active Solidarity With The 388 Arrested and 32 Prisoners Following The G20 Summit In Hamburg” and “Death To Capitalism And The Police. After G20 The Struggle Continues”.

Because hundreds of people were arrested and detained during the days of the summit, because 32 are still in prison, because less than a month ago they suffered another police raid in Hamburg. Because we want to end Capitalism, along with its financial summits, official cars, banquets, escorts and everything that enslaves and destroys us. In Hamburg, in Madrid and everywhere.

Long Live Anarchy.

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

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