Greece: Poster for Anarchist Prisoner of War Konstantinos ‘Dinos’ Yiagtzoglou


On 28/10, Konstantinos (Dinos) Yiagtzoglou is arrested by armed assassins of the E.K.A.M. (Special Counter-Terrorist Unit) in Athens. He is accused of sending a parcel bomb to former technocrat prime minister Loukas Papademos, who was injured by the attack inside his car. The other charges against him are for explosive packages found at the same time as the attack and also the oppressive Article 187A, for participation in a criminal organization, alleged membership of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, the group that claimed one of the explosive packages.

We do not care for democracy, for the media spectacle and the cop mentality that is the junta of innocence or guilt. We do not play their game of justice, where the pieces are already placed against us, neither for the state that sows terror, the self imposed fear that permeates a passive society. What we care for is the continuation of the armed struggle against the necropolis of authority.

Strength to our anarchist comrade Dinos Yiagtzoglou.

Soul and Body, nothing is over, the conflict continues!

Chaotic and Individualist Anarchists

(via 325 and Act For Freedom Now!)

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