Santiago, Chile: Noise Bombs Detonated in Solidarity with the Anarchist Comrades Detained in Villa Francia


We are still the same, but more violent…

On Saturday, January 6th, we went out to the street “aimlessly”.  Together with our partners in crime, remembering old and good  times. Every step of the way through this damn city we faced the imposed reality and inevitably our answer was vandalism. We
reclaim our lives whenever we mock authority. Everyone has their own way of seeing things, whether they agree with each other or  not, but even so, with us, disorder has always been where we meet, a point where emotions come to life. This is what we like,
what we want and what we look for, always with an idea behind it.

We placed three powerful noise bombs, inside a dumpster in a public square, under a car and inside a gym; setting off alarms and attracting the attention of the citizens and the despicable police. The streets of Santiago at night are ours when we decide to indulge in the luxury of vandalizing its symbols.

And so the days go by and we continue to plan and put into action new ways to cause disturbances with rocks, sound bombs, fireworks, graffiti etc.

Anarchy and Chaos are our expressions of Struggle and of Life.

With dedication and solidarity to the comrades who were recently detained in Villa Francia within the context of a new commemoration of the death of the Weychafe Matias Catrileo.

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

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