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Belgium: Wave of Arson Attacks Targeting International Arms Industry Contractors

Lucrosum et decorum est pro patria facere? [Is it profitable and proper to produce for the fatherland?] They don’t speak Latin in Belgium. At about 2AM on Monday 25th September the residents of Malines (a town half way between Brussels … Continue reading

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Argentina: Santiago Maldonado Presente!

The murder of Santiago Maldonado has triggered a series of actions in Argentina. Santiago disappeared on August 1st, kidnapped by the gendarmerie, and on October 20th, it was confirmed that a dead body found in the Chubut river belonged to … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Regarding the Letter-Bomb Attack against ex-Prime Minister and Technocrat Loukas Papadimos

Since the following news did not get a wide distribution outside Greece in the international counter-information networks when it appeared in May 2017, and as the corporate news also attempted to mitigate and ‘play-down’ the impact of this attack, we … Continue reading

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Spanish State: No State Will Make Us Free

Note from Insurrection News: The following text is a translation of a leaflet that is being distributed by the comrades at Contra Madriz along with a series of posters, pamphlets and stickers that denounce all expressions of nationalism. The material … Continue reading

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Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum (KAF): No to State, No to War. Yes for Self-Administration & the Social Revolution

Immediate call to all our comrades Anarchists and Libertarians wherever they are A direct and special call to our comrades Anarchists and Libertarians Arabic-speaking No to State, No to war.  Yes for self-administration and the Social revolution For years and … Continue reading

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Fundraiser: Help an Internationalist Anti-Fascist Return Home from Rojava

 DONATE HERE After two trips and over 15 months in Rojava with my time spent between the YPG and TevDem (The Movement for a Democratic Society). I am trying to return home to my native country and movement to continue … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: University Animal Experimentation Laboratory Trashed, 120 Rats Liberated

During the first week of October, 2017, persons unknown were able to enter the University of Chile’s science faculty at the Juan Gomez Milla Campus on Macul and Grecia avenues. After having previously identified a laboratory for animal experimentation, the … Continue reading

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