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Mexico: Chronicle of days of looting & revolt. Or what is to come

translated from the Spanish. Originally published on Jan. 8th, 2017 in Antagonismo – Por el communismo y anarquia. English translation via Ediciones Ineditos, who we thank for allowing us to republish it. ****** How much more can they take from … Continue reading

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Netherlands: Interview with anarchists from Den Haag in Avalanche issue 9

The new Avalanche, Anarchist Correspondence, issue 9 is out. One of the articles is an interview with anarchists from Den Haag. You can read the interview below or download the Avalanche here. Interview with anarchists from Den Haag A conversation … Continue reading

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Brazil: On the protests against PEC 241/55 in Porto Alegre (25.11 & 13.12, 2016) [Eng/Port/Esp]

They want us awake at the first hour of the day to work every day and if possible for our who life until the last years of our strength…For what? We already understand and we will not accept it. The … Continue reading

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Greece: A few words concerning the responsibility claim for the execution of the mafioso Habibi in Exarcheia

A few words concerning the responsibility claim for the execution of Habibi. Because much has already been said and even more will be said, one more text full of praises or aphorisms would have nothing to add and offer. This … Continue reading

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Germany: Fuck Nations, Squat The World – Report from the Nordkiez

This text is a response to the call „Fuck nations, squat the world“. The discussion about squats as focal points of lawlessness and coordinated anarchist action are held everywhere across the world. Surely the „rebellious Nordkiez“ (the northern area) in … Continue reading

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Mexico: On Anarchist Internationalism

As other comrades put it well: we anarchists are internationalists until we have destroyed the nations. Even if the first step is to not recognise nor accept them, their destruction is part of the project of destruction of the State. … Continue reading

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Rojava 2015 – A Review

The following article was written by somebody who currently resides in Rojava for the Crimethinc Ex-Worker podcast’s review of the year 2015… Dear friends, a friend told us you‘re collecting impressions and reviews on the year 2015 out of a … Continue reading

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