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Germany: G20 in Hamburg – These Were Days of Revolt

Received on 25.07.17: During the days of the summit of the G20, thousands of people flooded the streets of Hamburg with their anger about the cops` violence and the world that they protect. Already during the week before, there was … Continue reading

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France: On Sabotage and Arson Attacks in Europe

From Paris sous Tension n°10 (juillet/août 2017) / Attaque, translated by Earth First! Journal If silence is frightening, it is perhaps because the absence of familiar sounds tends to reject us on ourselves. When we advance in the silent darkness, … Continue reading

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UK / Indonesia: Two New Critiques of the So-Called ‘Eco-Extremist’ Group ITS

“Eco-extremism and the indiscriminate attack – The Church of ITS Mexico” by L (UK) “And Severino Di Giovanni’s actions were never violent for the sake of it. They were never indiscriminate or striking at anything at all in order to … Continue reading

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A Greeting from the Future | Communique of the ‘..Ums Ganze’ Alliance concerning the events around the G20-Protests in Hamburg

It’s not as if they haven’t tried. Like never before, the ‘Security Departments’ and the political establishment undertook all measures the bourgeois-democratic state has to offer. All repressive and ideological apparatuses were employed to keep the protests small and under … Continue reading

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Germany: The State, Police, Riots and the Left – Hamburg Theses

Some theses to the recent events in Hamburg, the authoritarian formation of German society and the role of the left in the recent G20 protests… THE STATE, POLICE, RIOTS AND THE LEFT- HAMBURG THESES 1. From the outset, politicians and … Continue reading

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USA: Dispatches from the Road – Are They Following Me?

Received on 07.07.17: My little grey Scion Xa careens past the exit for Modesto, as I fly towards Los Angeles and the Orange County Anarchist Book Fair. As I look up at the exit I notice two cars idling at … Continue reading

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IRPGF’s Response to the 28th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Incident

A Harbinger Of Revolution That Went Astray: What Did The Democratic Movement Of 1989 Reveal? IRPGF’s Response To The 28th Anniversary Of The Tiananmen Square Incident On April 15th, 1989, students of Beijing spontaneously gathered to mourn the recently deceased … Continue reading

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