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Ferrara Prison, Italy: Update on censorship / Anarchist comrade Nicola Gai in isolation

(31.03.17): We have learned from our correspondence with anarchist comrades in the AS2 [high security] of Ferrara prison, that with the renewal of censorship over the past three months, the censorship of their correspondence has started again, and many of … Continue reading

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France: News about imprisoned anarchist comrade Damien

Anarchist comrade Damien, who is imprisoned at Fleury-Mérogis, has informed us that two investigations have been opened against him. One concerns a collage of anti-electoral posters (‘We Will Not Vote’ and ‘To End The Illusion of Democracy’) that were pasted … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Explosive attack against New Democracy politician Adonis Georgiades’s bookstore by CCF-FAI/IRF

Responsibility claim for the attack on Adonis Georgiades‘s bookstore. On 3/15 we placed and detonated a clockwork explosive device at Adonis Georgiades’s bookstore at 263 Kifissias Av. Adonis Georgiadis is a well known to all… picturesque, saturated and at the … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Banner in solidarity with anarchists in Belarus

Received on 04.04.17: On 03/04 we hung a banner inside the Panteion University in solidarity with the anarchist prisoners in Belarus who protested against the ”social parasite” law and got imprisoned, detained or injured. Anti-authoritarian Squat of Panteion

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From Rojava to Belarus: Solidarity with the Anarchist Prisoners

Aleksandr Lukashenko, for 24 years you have dominated the people of Belarus and using your oppressive state apparatuses inherited from the authoritarian Soviet past, you continued this perpetual nightmare for the people. Since the 15th of March, you, and your … Continue reading

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Greece: 9th appeals trial hearing of anarchist-communist comrade Tasos Theofilou

Giant and Sylvia report from the court room The hearing began with the reading of documents that are not relevant to this trial and concern people that in many cases have been acquitted. T. Theofilou’s name is not even mentioned. The next document was Theofilou’s acquittal on … Continue reading

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St Petersburg, Russia: Anarchist solidarity action for detained protesters in Belarus

Early in the morning in St Petersburg, some anarchists hung a banner on the Alexander Nevsky Bridge that read ‘The Will of the Belarusian people!’ as a sign of solidarity with the detained protesters and anarchists in Belarus. “We were … Continue reading

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