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Hamburg, Germany: Attack Against a Commerzbank Branch in Solidarity with the Afrin Resistance

12.03.18: For more than 50 days, the comrades have resisted the imperialist troops of Turkey. For over 50 days, people have been killed by German weapons in Afrin. For more than 50 days, Germany and the world have been silent … Continue reading

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Turkey: Statement from Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF) about the Turkish State Attacks Against Afrin, Rojava

STATES IN WAR WITH PEOPLES WILL LOSE Afrin belongs to the peoples of Afrin. Peoples living in Afrin were born in these lands and died in these lands. Living there is not related with any plans or programs. They are … Continue reading

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Rojava: Urgent Message from an Anarchist Comrade in Afrin

Received on 23.01.18: The Erdoganist army and its barbarian allies (namely the Turkish backed Free Syrian Army /TFSA & the so-called Syrian National Army /SNA) invaded 4 outer villages and 4 defensive points in the Afrin region. They are moving … Continue reading

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Belgium: Analysis of the Wave of Arson Attacks Against the Arms Industry

In Europe, wars seem to belong to a distant past. The images of trenches, concentration camps, aerial bombardments of European capitals and the landings on the Fench coast come out of the archives from time to time on the occasion … Continue reading

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Germany: Incendiary Attack Against a Military Truck in Starnberg, near Munich

On the night of October 9th to the 10th, an incendiary attack against  was carried out against a military truck at the Bundeswehr (German Army) training center at Lake Starnberg near Munich. 8 years ago on September 4th, 2009, the … Continue reading

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Melbourne, Australia: Activists Blockade Office of Israeli Arms Manufacturer as Part of International Week of Action

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA RELEASE 7 July 2017 ACTION ONGOING: Activists blockade office of Israeli arms manufacturer as part of international week of action Activists from WACA (Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance) have this morning blockaded the entrance to the … Continue reading

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Scotland: Nuclear Warhead Convoy Stopped by Faslane Peace Campers

Received on 24.03.17: Yesterday evening at approximately 5.40pm, Peace Campers managed to bring the Nuclear Warhead Convoy to a full stop (again) on the A817, Haul Road, about a kilometre north of HMNB Clyde. MoD police with sidearms and tasers … Continue reading

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