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Spanish State: No State Will Make Us Free

Note from Insurrection News: The following text is a translation of a leaflet that is being distributed by the comrades at Contra Madriz along with a series of posters, pamphlets and stickers that denounce all expressions of nationalism. The material … Continue reading

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Fundraiser: Help an Internationalist Anti-Fascist Return Home from Rojava

 DONATE HERE After two trips and over 15 months in Rojava with my time spent between the YPG and TevDem (The Movement for a Democratic Society). I am trying to return home to my native country and movement to continue … Continue reading

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Milan, Italy: Court Solidarity Sit-In Planned for International Week of Antispeciesist Action (Eng/Ita)

In the event and in support of the International Week for Antispeciesist Action, we communicate the performance of a sit in, planned for the 30th of October, from 9 a.m., at the courthouse of Milan in solidarity with the comrades … Continue reading

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Dnipro, Ucrânia: Anarquistas Atacaram Encontro Fascista

13.10.17: Anarquistas fizeram uma visita ao СК “Авангард”, que entre outras coisas, é uma iniciativa do infame Batalhão Azov. Durante a visita, os ativistas quebraram as janelas e pixaram a fachada. CK “Авангард” é um lugar de reunião e treinamento … Continue reading

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Dnipro, Ukraine: Anarchists Attack the Fascist Meeting Center СК “Авангард”

13.10.17: Anarchists paid a visit to СК “Авангард”, which among other things, is an initiative of the infamous Azov Battalion. During the visit, the activists smashed the windows and painted graffiti on the facade. CK “Авангард” is a place of gathering … Continue reading

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USA: Destroy Colonialism Action Video

Received on 11.10.17: A video compilation of some recent anti-colonial actions in the occupied territories known as North America

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USA: Statue of Slaver and Colonizer Junipero Serra Paint-Bombed in San Francisco

Received anonymously on 11.10.17: On October 8th, the statue of the slaver and colonizer Junipero Serra in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park was paint-bombed. Revolutionary and anti-colonial slogans were spray-painted on the pedestal. Death to the colonial project! Solidarity to … Continue reading

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