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Jakarta, Indonesia: Report from the Anti-Trump Protest Action at the US Embassy 04.02.17 (Eng/Indo)

Received on 01.03.17: A report about the protest action against Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban on 04.02.17  that was organized by Anarkonesia, Persaudaraan Pekerja Anarko-Sindikalis (Anarcho-Syndicalist Workers Association) and Antifa Jakarta (Jakarta Anti Fascist). After being organized and announced in only … Continue reading

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We Need To Act On Our Own Terms!

Lately, we’ve witnessed right-wing populists, nationalists, racists, and fascists of all types licking their lips, emboldened by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. Following this torturous, political freak-show, we have already seen the … Continue reading

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Bulgaria: Letter from imprisoned antifascist Jock Palfreeman

The annual fascist “Lukov March” is again planned for the 18/02/2017, the date marked by Bulgarian fascists as it was when the Communist rebel Violeta Yakova killed him as part of the class war and resistance against the then fascist … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Incendiary attack on the Ministry of Culture (English/ Español/ ελληνικά)

On Saturday night, January 28th 2017, we struck the Ministry of Culture in Exarcheia with Molotov cocktails. It was a small symbolic attack to remind all fascists and militarists everywhere that we don’t give a shit about national ideals. We … Continue reading

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Rojava: No Pasaran! ISIS attack on International Freedom Battalion base foiled

No Pasaran! ISIS attack on our base foiled 20.12.2016 Using the cover of rain and darkness that affects our equipment ISIS managed to approach our position. They attacked with Kalashnikovs, Bixie heavy machine guns and biswing RPG’s, and even got … Continue reading

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Greece: Antifascist patrol in central Athens

On Saturday 17th of December comrades from the antifascist/anti-authoritarian center Distomo completed an antifascist patrol in the wider area around Attiki square and safeguarded the antifascist zone in the center of Athens. During the patrol leaflets were distributed and slogans … Continue reading

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Rojava: New international battalion formed – Antifascist Internationalist Tabur!

From Rojava to the world. Today a group of fellow anti-fascists, internationalists, anarchists, communists, socialists and libertarians appeals to support the revolution of Rojava and so joining struggle of the oppressed. We come from the shadow of the western capitalist … Continue reading

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