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Spain: Solidarity with Imprisoned Comrade Rodrigo Lanza, Accused of Killing a Nazi in Zaragoza

14.12.17: Rodrigo Lanza was arrested in 2006, accused of attacking a cop on February 4th of that year after the eviction of a party in a squatted house in Barcelona. During the riot that followed, somebody threw a pot from … Continue reading

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España: Comunicado por la Libertad de Rodrigo Lanza

Recibdio en 15.12.17: Desde diferentes compañeras y amigas de Rodrigo Lanza, unidas por las ideas antifascistas, queremos hacer público un comunicado sobre los recientes acontecimientos que han llevado a nuestro compañero a ingresar en prisión. Tras días de bombardeo mediático, … Continue reading

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Finland: 100 Years Are Enough! (Video)

Received on 09.12.17: Compilation video of anarchist and antifascist street activity in Finland between 2013 and 2017. The 6th of December marked the 100 year anniversary of the Finnish State. For the abolition of all states. For anarchy.

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USA: North Bay Area Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) Chapter Formed

Received on 07.12.17: Announcing: North Bay Area RAM Chapter Responding to the call out for revolutionary anarchist action, underground railroads, and the destruction of the amerikkkan plantation, we are proud to announce the formation of a North Bay Area RAM … Continue reading

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Poland: Poznań United Against Nationalism

Received on 17.11.17: On November 15th Poznan Against Nationalism coalition organized a demonstration in the center of Poznan, Poland. The people of Poznan have proven they will not be threatened by fascists and the fake news they spread – their … Continue reading

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Bulgaria: New Text by Antifascist Prisoner Comrade Jock Palfreeman

Reply to Statement Concerning Prisoners 06.11.17:  The text (available only in Bulgarian) released by the FAB (Federation of the Anarchists in Bulgaria) on the webpage of their newspaper ‘Svobodna Misal’ (‘Free Thought’) written by Hristo Nikolov has some valid points. However the … Continue reading

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Sydney, Austrália: Pixação na sede do Departamento de Imigração em Solidariedade com xs Refugiadxs de Manus

Recebido em 08.11.17: Pixação em solidariedade com xs refugiadxs em Manus na sede do Departamento de Imigração e Proteção de Fronteiras em Sydney, na chamada Austrália. Na pixação se lê: ‘FREE THE REFUGEES’ (LIBERTEM XS REFUGIADXS), ‘161 WSC’ (Ação Anti … Continue reading

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