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Berlin, Germany: Police Patrol Ambushed on Rigaer Straße Against Repression & in Solidarity with the Call to #Fight4Afrin

11.03.18: During the night of Saturday to Sunday, we ambushed a group of police on patrol in their car with stones. The patrol was helmeted and on assignment to occupy and terrorize our neighborhood. Nothing new from the Nordkiez..but it is … Continue reading

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Germany: Apoist Youth Initiative – ‘Bring the War in Afrin to the Streets of Europe on 12.03.18!’

10.03.18: The Apoist Youth Initiative has announced in a written statement that it will join the militant action announced by the radical Europeans. They call on everyone to carry out more radical and organized actions in the heart of capitalism … Continue reading

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Neumünster, Germany: Attack against the fascist ‘ATF’ organization by Apoist Youth Initiative

On December 10th, 2016 the ‘German Turkish Federation’ (ATF) organized a cultural day with the slogan ‘Feast of the Flags’ in the Neumünster town hall. The ‘ATF’ is the umbrella organization of the ‘Gray Wolves’ and represents the fascist nationalist … Continue reading

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Germany: Apoist Youth Initiative claim responsibility for attacks on fascist institutions in Stade and Quickborn

The Revenge Commandos Sehid Zana Ciwan and Sehid Serbest Cibran of the Apoist Youth Initiative have released a statement claiming responsibility for militant attacks against a club house of the nationalist-fascist DİTİB (Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs) and other Turkish … Continue reading

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Hamburg, Germany: Molotov attack by Apoist Youth Initiative against Turkish fascist Nationalist Movement Party

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UK: Apoist Youth Initiative attack fascist organizations in London

  The Apoist Youth Initiative has attacked a London-based organization that is close to Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı (Presidency of Religious Affairs) and the Turkish Islamic Society in Newington Green / London. The 30 youths who attacked these two fascist organizations … Continue reading

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Germany: Attack against the Turkish Cultural Association in Bad Oeynhausen by Apoist Youth Initiative NRW

For months, the Turkish state has continued it’s extermination of all free people, especially Kurds and Alevites, women and youth, democrats, revolutionaries and socialists. With the support of the West, especially Germany, Recep Tayip Erdogan is gradually building up his … Continue reading

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