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Greece: Responsibility Claim from Popular Fighters Group for the Bombing of the Athens Court of Appeals

Received on 16.01.18: Responsibility Claim for the Bomb Attack on the Athens Appeals Court   Bourgeois Justice, a Weapon in the hands of Capital “Justice is like a snake. It bites only the barefooted.” In the years of the memorandum, … Continue reading

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Syria: Message from Greek Anarchist Comrades & Internationalist Volunteers RUIS about the Liberation of Raqqa

Comrades! At this time the city of Raqqa is free from the fascists of the Islamic State. Every part of the city gained to the hands of the liberation forces of the YPG, YPJ and SDF on October the 17th. … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: 9 Revolutionary Comrades from Turkey Detained during Anti-Terrorist Unit Raids

01.12.17: In the lead up to a visit by Turkish President Erdoğan in December, the counter-terrorism unit of the Greek State carried out a series of raids in Athens on Tuesday that resulted in the arrests and detentions of 9 … Continue reading

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Grécia: Declaração da Assembleia de Solidariedade com Konstantinos Yigtzoglou

SOLIDARIEDADE AO PRISIONEIRO DE GUERRA ANÁRQUICO KONSTANTINOS YIGTZOGLOU Na manhã de 28 de outubro de 2017, o companheiro Konstantinos Yigtzoglou foi capturado pela polícia antiterrorista. O pedido, emitido pelo procurador especial E. Nikopoulos, se baseia na acusação de pertencer a … Continue reading

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Greece: Declaration of the Solidarity Assembly for Anarchist Prisoner of War Konstantinos Yigtzoglou

On the morning of October 28, 2017, comrade Konstantinos ‘Dinos’ Yigtzoglou was captured by the anti-terrorist police. The arrest order, issued by Special Prosecutor E. Nikopoulos, was based on accusations of belonging to a terrorist organization and attempted murder for … Continue reading

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Grécia: “A insurreição não pode ser negociada” por Panagiotis Argyrou, membro preso da Conspiração das Células de Fogo FAI-FRI

A insurreição não pode ser negociada O tempo é a doença da realidade. Na prisão, o tempo parece envenenar a atmosfera. O ar engrossa como se estivesse inundado com limalhas de chumbo e todos os dias nossos pulmões são infestados … Continue reading

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Greece: Imprisoned Revolutionary Struggle Members Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis Begin New Hunger Strike

Received on 13.11.17: November 11, 2017 THE ROTTEN SYSTEM AND THE ABSENCE OF RESISTANCE ARE THE REASONS FOR THE ROTTING OF SOCIETY Almost 10 years after the outbreak of the crisis with the collapse of the financial system, bank bankruptcy, … Continue reading

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