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Berlin, Germany: Incendiary Sabotage Action Against Military & Corporate Communications Infrastructure in Solidarity with Afrin

Ruling over people is re-organizing: using nets and algorithms, states and companies are accessing our lives every day. Now, in this moment, while reading this text, and in future times. And it expands. We are under surveillance and control. Today, … Continue reading

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Genoa, Italy: Righi Telecommunications Repeater Up In Flames / Genova, Italia: Repetidor de Telecomunicaciones en Llamas

We live in a world where being connected is essential if we want to keep up with the times and keep pace with the neurotic rhythm that modern society is offering us. Human relationships have broken up behind displays, Apps. … Continue reading

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Paris, France: #Fight4Afrin – Arson Attack Against the Personal Cars of MIT Agent Ayşe Barış by the Şehit Avesta Xabûr Team

13.03.18: reports that an action was carried out against the cars belonging to Ayşe Barış, who works in the Turkish consulate for the AKP-MHP regime, by the Şehit Avesta Xabûr Team. They made a statement regarding the policy of … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: #Fight4Afrin – Arson Attack Against a ThyssenKrupp Vehicle

13.03.18: We are off to join the silent majority in this broken country to scream outrage. For days there have been calls to militantly campaign for the revolution in Kurdistan side by side with fighting groups worldwide, showing solidarity and … Continue reading

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Turin, Italy: Attack Against Military Contractor Leonardo-Finmecanica in Solidarity with Afrin

“Just came back from a month on the front. Hell is nothing, I’m falling apart. We’ve been attacked by the Kobra. A nightmare. Tell it. Speak about Italian helicopters who kill civilians and comrades. I saw with my eyes the … Continue reading

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North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany: Incendiary Attack by Action Cell Haukur Hilmarsson Against a Car Dealership that Sponsors AKP Regime Events

Early in the morning on 12.03 we placed incendiaries under the vehicles at the side of the company builing and disappeared unrecognized into the darkness of the night. Three vehicles were burned out completely, others were badly damaged by the … Continue reading

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Hamburg, Germany: Arson Attack Against a Turkish Nationalist’s Car in Response to the Call to #Fight4Afrin

11.03.18: Afrin is everywhere, resistance is everywhere. We set fire to the car of a Turkish nationalist in Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg during the night of the 8th to the 9th of March. This action was in response to the call from … Continue reading

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