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Montreal, Canada: Arson of Two Luxury Cars in St-Henri

Inspired by the riots in Hamburg, we burned two luxury cars outside of a condo in St-Henri during the night of July 13. In a neighbourhood where people have to choose between food and rent, don’t be surprised when we … Continue reading

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Thessaloniki, Greece: Arson Attack Against Hellenic Telecommunications by Anarchist Cell – Destruction of the Existent

Thessaloniki-responsibility claim We are confronting technology to the extent that it is a tool in the hand of the bosses and capitalism, taking away our capabilities practical or not. Their target is to establish any kind of technology as crucial … Continue reading

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Orbeil (Puy-de-Dôme), France: Arson Attack Against Telecommunications Infrastructure

As you reach to the top of the hill there’s the Great Bear right above your head. And then, below, you see the lights of Issoire, which make war on the stars in the sky. And above all, above everything, … Continue reading

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USA: Nazi’s Truck Torched in Sacramento, California by Anti-Nazis At Night (ANAN)

in the early morning on august 16th clint durnay’s truck, which is shrouded in white supremacist and neo-fascist imagery, was torched. this golden state skinhead (gss) member was attacked at his home: 5032 kenneth ave., fair oaks , ca. many … Continue reading

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Hamburg, Germany: Solidarity With G20 Prisoners

Received on 06.08.17: On the website “”, one can find a anonymous note that a car of a private security company called “Personen-Objekt-Werkschutz GmbH” has been set on fire in the night of the 3rd of August. Whoever posted this, … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Incendiary Attack Against A SKAI Journalist’s Car by Action Cell/Metropolis Fallen FAI-IRF

Taking responsibility – The burning of a SKAI journalist’s car “As long as necessity is socially dreamed, dreaming will remain a social necessity. The spectacle is the bad dream of a modern society in chains and ultimately expresses nothing more … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: STRABAG Truck Torched in Solidarity with No-G20 Prisoners

Before the summit and after the summit, solidarity with prisoners – attack on STRABAG Thanks, we welcome the insults on all channels and from all sides, they strengthen us and remind us of the fact that in Hamburg we acted … Continue reading

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