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Hamburg, Germany: Arson Attack Against the Vehicle Fleet of ‘Deutsche See’

Responsibility claim for the arson attack against the vehicle fleet of the ‘Deutsche See’ company at Große Elbstraße 244, Hamburg on 28.04.2017 – To attack G20 also means to attack those who profit from the destruction of global fish catchments … Continue reading

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Basel, Switzerland: ATM torched in solidarity with the anarchists accused of bank robbery in Aachen

During the week of action for the anarchists who are currently in court accused of bank robbery in Aachen, another ATM was torched in Basel. Shit justice Shit money (via Linksunten Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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Memmingen, Germany: Neo-Nazi Clubhouse Torched by Antifascists

On 22.04, a demonstration against neo-Nazi activists took place in Memmingen under the slogan ‘Remembering means Fighting’ in the Allgäu, with many antifascists taking to the streets. As important as we find such things, it is still very disappointing when … Continue reading

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Liège, Belgium: The Beauty of a Burning Police Station

We are not soldiers. We are criminals. We have no fatherland, no higher cause, we do not follow any directions other than those of ourselves. On the other hand, we are fighting. To find our lives, explore our freedoms. We fight … Continue reading

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Bremen, Germany: Incendiary attack against Jobcenter

18.04.17: For those who have to attend Jobcenter regularly, the question is not why we have attacked it, but rather: Why only now? The Spring and the upcoming riots against the G20 in Hamburg are what motivated us. We would … Continue reading

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Hamburg, Germany: Arson attack against a ‘Securitas’ private security company vehicle

Because we despise any kind of authority, we set fire to a car belonging to the security company ‘Securitas’ last night. The conditions in which we find ourselves are making it clearer to us day by day that there are … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: ‘Packs of Fire – FAI/IRF’ take responsibility for arson attacks in Dafni

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ARSON ATTACKS IN DAFNI Cut your strings puppet We are taking responsibility for the arson attacks at dawn on March 10 at the Mayor’s house and at the Post office in Dafni. In that area, that … Continue reading

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