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Berlin, Germany: ‘A Message to our Unknown Comrades in the Urban Jungle of Prison Society’ by Violent Minority Cell FAI

Received on 08.03.18: The burning of security vehicles in Berlin as a useful tool of communication. By quoting from other responsibility claims, we follow the proposal of relating to each other in order to develop a wider mobilisation of the … Continue reading

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Turkey: Revolutionary Youth Movement (DGH) Release the Balance Sheet of their February Offensive in Solidarity with Afrin

    While the Turkish occupation army continues its invasion operation, the epic resistance continues in Afrin. In support of the Afrin resistance, the DGH has carried out actions and released a statement. The balance sheet is as follows: On … Continue reading

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Turkey: Revolutionary Student Movement (DÖH) Claim Responsibility for 5 Arson Attacks Against AKP Targets in Solidarity with Afrin

The Revolutionary Student Movement (DÖH) has carried out a series of actions for Afrin. In a written statement they called on all patriotic students to support the resistance in Afrin. In addition, they have published the balance sheet of their … Continue reading

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France: From Portes-lès-Valence to Compiègne, Fire to the Municipal Police!

Compiegne (Oise): Van of the Municipal Police in Ashes! On the night of Saturday, February 3rd to Sunday, February 4th, a van of the municipal police parked on the Place de l’Ancien-Hopital, self immolated. It seems that they were fed … Continue reading

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Belgium: Analysis of the Wave of Arson Attacks Against the Arms Industry

In Europe, wars seem to belong to a distant past. The images of trenches, concentration camps, aerial bombardments of European capitals and the landings on the Fench coast come out of the archives from time to time on the occasion … Continue reading

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Germany: Attacks Against Amazon in Berlin and Munich

Berlin: Attacks Against Amazon Delivery Vans 23.11.17: We do not want to be governed by information – and to the satisfaction of the manager’s faces, blissfully grinning at the thought of the dull masses who are storming the shops on Black … Continue reading

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Belgium: Wave of Arson Attacks Targeting International Arms Industry Contractors

Lucrosum et decorum est pro patria facere? [Is it profitable and proper to produce for the fatherland?] They don’t speak Latin in Belgium. At about 2AM on Monday 25th September the residents of Malines (a town half way between Brussels … Continue reading

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