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Greece: ‘Only the Ideas We Actually Live Are of Any Value’ – About the Hunger Strike of Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou

Received on 24.02.18: Today, 24/02, early in the morning, a group of police special forces (EKAM) entered Korydallos prison and abducted comrade Konstantinos Giagtzoglou (who is on hunger strike since 21/02 demanding his permanent transfer in Korydallos prison, located in … Continue reading

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Grecia: Acción de solidaridad para el prisionero de guerra anarquista “Dinos”, Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou

[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde Insurrection News] 20.02.18: Hubo un evento de micrófono abierto en solidaridad con el compañero anarquista K. Yiagtzoglou en los Propileos. Se colgaron pancartas, se distribuyeron textos y se lanzaron folletos. Esta fue una muestra … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Solidarity Action for Anarchist Prisoner of War Konstantinos ‘Dinos’ Yiagtzoglou

20.02.18: There was an open-mic event in solidarity with the anarchist comrade K. Yiagtzoglou at the Propylaea. Banners were hung, texts were distributed and leaflets were thrown. This was a minimal sign of solidarity with our comrade who has been … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Molotov Attack Against the Ukrainian Embassy by the Aleksey Mozgovoy Brigade

At dawn on Saturday, January 20th, 2018, we attacked the Ukrainian Embassy in Athens with Molotov cocktails. We attacked the diplomatic mission, the police post and the embassy vehicles. Our attack was a response to the coup and the nationalist … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Incendiary Attack Against Turkish State-Owned Company Istikbal in Solidarity with the Defenders of Afrin

During the night of the 2nd of February we attacked the Turkish company Istikbal with an incendiary device and we torched a 7.5 tonne truck in front of their headquarters at 152 Kifissias Avenue. Istikbal is a multinational furniture company … Continue reading

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Greece: Responsibility Claim from Popular Fighters Group for the Bombing of the Athens Court of Appeals

Received on 16.01.18: Responsibility Claim for the Bomb Attack on the Athens Appeals Court   Bourgeois Justice, a Weapon in the hands of Capital “Justice is like a snake. It bites only the barefooted.” In the years of the memorandum, … Continue reading

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Greece: Powerful Bomb Blast Rocks the Athens Court of Appeals

22.12.17: A powerful bomb blast exploded outside the Athens Appeals Court in the early hours of Friday morning causing extensive damage to the building and forcing the court’s closure for the day with all cases suspended. Nobody was injured in the … Continue reading

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