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Melbourne: Philippines consulate redecorated in protest against Duterte’s murderous war on drug users

Received on 17.01.17: In response to the call for action from drug users in the Philippines to highlight the dangerous situation they are facing under the murderous Duterte regime, we decided to pay a visit to the Philippines consulate in … Continue reading

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Melbourne: Graffiti at the Turkish consulate in solidarity with imprisoned members of Grup Yorum

  Received on 17.01.17: During the night of 16.01.17 some anarchists painted the slogan ‘Grup Yorum Cannot Be Silenced’ on the Turkish consulate in Melbourne, Australia. Grup Yorum are a left-wing folk band from Turkey who have been active for … Continue reading

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Sydney, Australia: Solidarity mural for the Revolutionary Struggle comrades in Greece

Received on 14.01.16: On January 5th 2017, fugitive Pola Roupa and anarchist Konstantina Athanasopoulou were arrested in Athens. Anti-terror cops raided a home with Pola and her six-year-old son inside, while Konstantina was arrested nearby. Both women are members of … Continue reading

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So-called ‘Australia’: #7DaysOfResistance / Decolonization in the lead up to #InvasionDay2017

7 days of Resistance/Decolonization In the lead up to Invasion Day 2017: Banner drops, Making stencils, interrupting aus day celebrations, paint images words/wording on walls and roads, steal and burn aus rags, making clap sticks, boomerangs, weaving, painting up, make … Continue reading

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Australia: Don Dale torture victim Dylan Voller plans hunger strike over threats of abuse by guards

Media release 6 December 2016, for immediate release Dylan Voller, a young Aboriginal man at the centre of the torture scandal in the Don Dale youth detention centre, is threatening a hunger strike over threats of abuse by guards in … Continue reading

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Pine Gap: 50 years as Australia’s prime nuclear target

ICAN Australia 26 September – 2 October 2016: A week of activities will expose the role of Pine Gap in war, surveillance and nuclear targeting. Beginning today, on the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, hundreds of people … Continue reading

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Narrm / Melbourne: Anarchist noise demo outside the Melbourne Youth Justice Center

Narrm / Melbourne, so-called ‘Australia’, 09.09.16: Noise demonstration outside the Melbourne Youth Justice Center, a youth detention center located in the suburb of Parkville. The demonstration took place on the day that the Nationwide Prisoner Strike Against Prison Slavery began … Continue reading

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