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Vienna, Austria: Angry Spontaneous Demonstration for World Afrin Day

Received on 25.03.18: Around 100 people gathered in Vienna at 10 pm to have a 30 minutes long spontaneous, angry and wild demonstration on the international solidarity day for Afrin. The demonstration was an expression of the rage and anger … Continue reading

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Vienna, Austria: Revenge for Afrin – Resistance Means Life!

Received and translated by Insurrection News on 22.03.18: Our hearts are burning with anger over the fascist attack by the Turkish army against Afrin. And so, as a sign of solidarity with the YPG / YPJ fighters in the Rojava … Continue reading

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Austria: Solidarity Action for Prisoners in Graz and Worldwide

The Karlau prison (the orange light in the right part of the second photo indicates one of the prison’s buildings) is one of the biggest prisons in Austria. On August 26 2017 some anarchists expressed their solidarity with the prisoners… … Continue reading

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Germany / Austria: 3 Attacks in Solidarity With Comrades Targeted by G20 Repression

The regional press relayed the news of the attack on the police station in the ‘List’ district of Hanover: around 3:30AM, several masked and black-clad assailants bombard this place of oppression with stones. At least two windows on the ground … Continue reading

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Österreich / Austria: Einladung Anarchistische Buchmesse Wien / Invitation Anarchist Bookfair Vienna

ENGLISH BELOW! Von 2.-4. Juni wird es in Wien am Yppenplatz eine anarchistische Büchermesse geben. Hiermit wollen wir alle einladen, die Lust haben, gemeinsam mit uns ein Wochenende voller anarchistischer Literatur, Propaganda/Agitation und Austausch mit Vorträgen, Workshops und Büchertischen zu gestalten. … Continue reading

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