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Java, Indonesia: Libertarian Student Federation (FML) Call for Direct Violence Against all forms of Sexual Repression in Indonesia at #WomensMarch2018

07.03.18: At Women’s March 2018 in Salatiga (a city in Central Java province), the Libertarian Student Federation (FML) called for the direct use of violence against all forms of sexual repression in Indonesia. This is a response to the RKUHP … Continue reading

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Make Rojava Green Again! Support the Ecological Revolution in Rojava! (Video)

Almost 7 years have passed since the war erupted in Syria. Daesh and the Caliphate of Terror is almost defeated, but the war is not over. Turkey is attacking Afrin, killing people and destroying the land. But it won’t stop … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Coordinated Incendiary & Explosive Attacks Against 5 Churches on the Eve of the Pope’s Official Visit

13.01.18: During the early hours of January 12, 2018 a series of explosive and incendiary attacks shake the capital just 3 days before the arrival in Chile of Pope Francis, rotten leader and head of an institution stained with blood … Continue reading

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Syria: Message from Greek Anarchist Comrades & Internationalist Volunteers RUIS about the Liberation of Raqqa

Comrades! At this time the city of Raqqa is free from the fascists of the Islamic State. Every part of the city gained to the hands of the liberation forces of the YPG, YPJ and SDF on October the 17th. … Continue reading

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5 Points Against Waiting For the Next Big Demo

Autonomous initiative is the life blood of anarchy. Without individuals dreaming, scheming, and turning their thoughts into action, nothing happens. Protest organizers are not special; they imagine a situation they want to bring to life and invite others to help … Continue reading

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Frankfurt, Germany: German Association for a Christian Culture (DVCK) Centre Attacked by Autonomist Feminists

“During the night of November 16, 2017 we attacked the headquarters of the Christian fundamentalist group DVCK (German Association for a Christian Culture) in Frankfurt. With a fire-extinguisher full of pink paint and some political slogans we redecorated their whole … Continue reading

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Solidaritas Untuk Papua (Barat) Merdeka (Salatiga) / Salatiga, Indonesia: Demo in Solidarity with West Papua Struggle

*Scroll down for English translation* 15 November 2017, Salatiga (Jawa Tengah) Solidaritas antar berbagai aliansi termasuk diantaranya Federasi Mahasiswa Libertarian (FML), Aliansi Mahasiswa Papua (AMP) terjadi di kota kecil Salatiga, tepatnya di Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana. Solidaritas ini merupakan seruan … Continue reading

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