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Rojava: Water and electricity cuts in Kobane due to Turkey cutting Firat river supply

The water and electricity cuts continue on its 4th day in Kobane. The Firat river’s water supply is so low that the base of the river, at least 3 kilometres in width is visible. The canton has announced that the … Continue reading

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Neumünster, Germany: Attack against the fascist ‘ATF’ organization by Apoist Youth Initiative

On December 10th, 2016 the ‘German Turkish Federation’ (ATF) organized a cultural day with the slogan ‘Feast of the Flags’ in the Neumünster town hall. The ‘ATF’ is the umbrella organization of the ‘Gray Wolves’ and represents the fascist nationalist … Continue reading

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Barcelona: LaCaixa bank branch attacked in solidarity with the Kurdish struggle

On the night of November 5th, the windows of a LaCaixa bank branch in the Horta neighborhood of Barcelona were smashed in solidarity with the struggle of the Kurdish people in Iran, Iraq and especially in Rojava and Bakur (within … Continue reading

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Turkey / Kurdistan: Interview with the DAF (Revolutionary Anarchist Action)

Libertarian perspectives for the Middle East The interview that we share here was produced during August 2016, just two weeks after the coup attempt of the 16th of July. This also happened a month before the beginning of the big … Continue reading

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Turkey: Arson attack against AKP party building By TiKKO militants in Istanbul

  TiKKO, the armed wing of the TKP / ML (Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist Leninist) continue their fight against the fascist state of Erdogan and the AKP. Having already conducted numerous actions in protest against the massacres suffered … Continue reading

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International call to join the revolution in Kurdistan

  Revolutionaries from all over the world gave an official statement last week calling for solidarity with the resistance in Bakûr. The masked militants held a ceremony in Qamişlo, Cizîre canton, Rojava across the border from the besieged city of … Continue reading

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North Kurdistan: Interview with Deniz Bagok, A YPS fighter from Nusaybin

The following article is a translation of an interview with a member of the YPS (Civil Defense Units) from Nusaybin in North Kurdistan / Southeast Turkey that was conducted by the German publication Lower Class Magazine. The original German version … Continue reading

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