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Istanbul, Turkey: Anarchist Banner and Sticker Actions against the Referendum

Coordinated actions by anarchists in the eve of Referendum against dictatorship and democracy.. Some anarchist groups in Istanbul, organized coordinated actions against democracy and dictatorship in the context of Turkish constitutional referendum, and to salute ‘Coordination of Anarchist Groups’, which … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Banner in solidarity with anarchists in Belarus

Received on 04.04.17: On 03/04 we hung a banner inside the Panteion University in solidarity with the anarchist prisoners in Belarus who protested against the ”social parasite” law and got imprisoned, detained or injured. Anti-authoritarian Squat of Panteion

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St Petersburg, Russia: Anarchist solidarity action for detained protesters in Belarus

Early in the morning in St Petersburg, some anarchists hung a banner on the Alexander Nevsky Bridge that read ‘The Will of the Belarusian people!’ as a sign of solidarity with the detained protesters and anarchists in Belarus. “We were … Continue reading

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Dublin, Ireland: Solidarity vigil at the Turkish Embassy for imprisoned anarchist hunger striker Umut Firat

Received on 03.02.17: IRISH SOLIDARITY FOR UMUT FIRAT On Wednesday the 1st of February  there was a solidarity vigil for Umut Firat in Dublin, Ireland. Anarchists and supporters of Umut’s hunger strike gathered outside the Turkish Embassy. Turkish embassy staff … Continue reading

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Helsinki, Finland: Hugs and solidarity for Kara Wild and other Trans prisoners

“Kara Wild is an artist, comrade and resilient force of nature, currently being detained in France. Despite a distinct lack of evidence, she is being accused of smashing a pole through a police car’s windshield moments before it was set on … Continue reading

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So-called ‘Australia’: Some anti-colonial actions in Sydney

Received on 27.01.17: Over the past week thousands of anti-colonial posters were put up all around Sydney, especially around locations holding “Australia Day” celebrations. On the 26th of January, six Unaustralian banners were tied to various highway overpasses. While these … Continue reading

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So-called Australia: Banner drop in southeast Victoria for #7DaysOfResistance

Received anonymously on 25.01.16: Banner drop on an overpass above the Princes Freeway, heading east in southeast Victoria as part of the #7DaysOfResistance in the lead-up to Invasion Day 2017. The banners read: ‘No Pride In Genocide’ and ‘Abolish Aus … Continue reading

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