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Melbourne, Australia: Report on the Day of Action for Refugees on Manus Island

08.11.17: RISE: Refugee Survivors and ex-Detainees called for a Day of Action on November 7 in solidarity with over 600 refugee men who are currently blockaded inside the former Australian-government run detention centre on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. … Continue reading

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Sydney, Austrália: Solidariedade com Anarquistas Enfrentando Repressão em Porto Alegre, Brasil

Recebido em 04.11.17: Solidariedade desde Sydney, da chamada Austrália, com anarquistas em Porto Alegre diante da repressão do estado brasileiro. Fotos foram tiradas em frente da Jura Books, uma biblioteca e livraria anarquista em Petersham, Sydney. (traduzido por Turba Negra)

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Sydney, Australia: Solidarity with Anarchists Facing Repression in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Received on 04.11.17: Solidarity from Sydney, so-called Australia, with anarchists in Porto Alegre facing the repression of the Brazilian state. Photos were taken out the front of Jura Books, an anarchist library and bookshop in Petersham, Sydney.

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Porto Alegre, Brazil: The World Is Our Country (Eng/Port/Esp)

Received on 10.10.17, English & Español language versions translated from the original Portuguese language article on Contra Info website. The joke of bad taste that is the movement “O Sul é Meu País” (The South is My Country) has realized … Continue reading

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Spontaneous Demonstration in Solidarity with G20 Prisoners

Yesterday (30-9-2017) a manifestation took place in Amsterdam in solidarity with comrades who are momentarily in prison after the G20 protests in Hamburg (Germany) this July. After the manifestation a spontaneous demonstration started through the inner city of Amsterdam. 100 … Continue reading

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Narrm / Melbourne: Statement on the Queer Anarchist Disruption of the Coalition For Marriage Campaign Launch

Received on 26.09.17: On Saturday 23 September 2017, a group of 15 queer anarchists (including sex workers, drug users, disabled people, people living with blood borne viruses and survivors of child abuse & spiritual abuse perpetrated by fundamentalist christians & … Continue reading

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USA: Banner Drops in NYC in Commemoration of the Attica Uprising & the Prison Strike

Received on 14.09.17: In Commemoration of the Attica Uprising and the Prison Strike By The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement – NYC For the anniversary of the Attica uprising, and the one year anniversary of the 2016 nationwide prison strike, we dropped … Continue reading

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