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Berlin, Germany: Incendiary Sabotage Action Against Military & Corporate Communications Infrastructure in Solidarity with Afrin

Ruling over people is re-organizing: using nets and algorithms, states and companies are accessing our lives every day. Now, in this moment, while reading this text, and in future times. And it expands. We are under surveillance and control. Today, … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: Invitation to Discussion and Chaos Days, May 10-13, 2018 (Video)

Received on 25.03.18: Between the 10th and 13th of May the Chaos- and Discussion days are taking place in Berlin. Quite a few things are already being planned. Until now there has been an open Meeting for the preparation taking … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: #Fight4Afrin – Arson Attack Against a ThyssenKrupp Vehicle

13.03.18: We are off to join the silent majority in this broken country to scream outrage. For days there have been calls to militantly campaign for the revolution in Kurdistan side by side with fighting groups worldwide, showing solidarity and … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: #Fight4Afrin – Commerzbank Branch Attacked

In solidarity with the Kurds fighting in Afrin, last night we broke the windows of the Commerzbank branch at Tierpark in Lichtenburg with rocks. In addition a message was painted on the facade (the bank removed it). The Commerzbank finances, … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: Police Patrol Ambushed on Rigaer Straße Against Repression & in Solidarity with the Call to #Fight4Afrin

11.03.18: During the night of Saturday to Sunday, we ambushed a group of police on patrol in their car with stones. The patrol was helmeted and on assignment to occupy and terrorize our neighborhood. Nothing new from the Nordkiez..but it is … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: Molotov Attack Against a DİTİB Propaganda Center

11.03.18: In Berlin there was an action with Molotov cocktails against a DİTİB (Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs) propaganda center. DİTİB is directly controlled by the fascist Turkish State and receives its instructions from them. When the international attack against … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: ‘A Message to our Unknown Comrades in the Urban Jungle of Prison Society’ by Violent Minority Cell FAI

Received on 08.03.18: The burning of security vehicles in Berlin as a useful tool of communication. By quoting from other responsibility claims, we follow the proposal of relating to each other in order to develop a wider mobilisation of the … Continue reading

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