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USA: Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) Chapter Formed in Chicago

Received on 04.12.18: Announcing: Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement – Chicago We are proudly announcing the establishment of the Chicago RAM chapter. Following RAM’s principles, vision and aims, we assert our commitment to fight against the white supremacist patriarchal state and its … Continue reading

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Chicago, USA: Cop Cars and Yuppie Businesses Attacked in Solidarity with Kara Wild

Received anonymously on 11.10.17: Last week, we decided to ring in Kara Wild’s trial in Paris by raining the streets of Chicago with shattered glass and popping a cop tire for each month that she has spent in prison. The windows of yuppie shops … Continue reading

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USA: Destroy Colonialism Revolutionary Action

Received on 10.10.17: The US is a country, like many others, that will not, and in many ways cannot, come to terms with its remarkably barbaric inception. The narrative of Columbus’s exploits and the later colonization of the territory is … Continue reading

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USA: Free Kara and Krem! Two Walls Painted in Chicago

After being held for the past seventeen months in the largest prison in Europe, without so much as a trial date to give her solace, Kara Wild is now back in grueling prison purgatory waiting for her verdict to be … Continue reading

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Warzone Free Online Zine Distro Launched

Warzone Distro was started in 2013 with the vision of providing free, accessible reading material related to animal liberation, earth liberation, straight edge/radical sobriety, and insurrectionary anarchism. It has existed offline, tabling free zines mostly in Chicago at punk shows, … Continue reading

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