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Santiago, Chile: Noise Bombs in Solidarity with Imprisoned Anarchist Comrades Ignacio, Kevin and Joaquín

Wednesday, February 7th. We continue with our custom of mocking the authorities. Vandalism as an action, as an expression of rage against this sick society and its sad infrastructure. As we have previously stated: “The streets of Santiago at night … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Responsibility Claim from ‘Conspiracy of the Black Cells’ for the Coordinated Attacks Against Catholic Churches on 12.01.18

At dawn on January 12th, the night of the hooded moon, we decided to attack one of the most repugnant and murderous entities in history, an entity that based on some stories has plunged millions of people into their misery … Continue reading

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Argentina: ¡Con los Rebeldes Siempre! – Always with the Rebels! (Video)

  Este video fue realizado al cumplirse 1 mes de la desaparición de Santiago Maldonado en manos de Gendarmería. El cuerpo sin vida de Santiago fue “encontrado” el 17 de octubre -78 días después de su desaparición- en el Río … Continue reading

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Chile: Urgent! Anarchist Prisoner Tamara Sol Transferred to the Maximum Security Section in Santiago

26.01.18: On January 25th, 2018, the comrade Tamara Sol was transferred once again, this time from the prison colony of Rancagua to the Maximum Security Section in Santiago. The reason for the transfer is due to her attempted escape from … Continue reading

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Chile: Prison Officer Michelle Barahona, Responsible for the Harassment & Mistreatment of Anarchist Comrade Tamara Sol (Eng/Esp)

Barahona is a paco that climbed up the ranks attached to the socialists within the gendarmerie. From them she learned to speak about the focus on law and gender. In the 1990s while she was a lieutenant, she was known … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Incendiary Attack Against the Mother of Divine Providence Parish During the Visit of the Pope

Around 05:00hrs on January 16, 2018, the Mother of Divine Providence Parish located in the commune of Puente Alto suffered an arson attack. Anonymous attackers managed to break the padlock of the perimeter fence of the religious temple, then set … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Reivindicación de Ataque Incendiario a Bus del Transantiago

Recibido el 19.01.18: Siempre es momento para el ataque, pero no somos indiferentes ante el panorama actual… mientras la sociedad se regocija seducida por la visita papal y expía sus culpas en la ansiedad de la espera, nosotrxs reivindicamos la … Continue reading

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