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Santiago Chile: Barricades and Clashes 44 Years Since the Military Coup (13.09.17)

BARRICADES OUTSIDE THE UNIVERSITY OF CHILE FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Encapuchadxs (hooded ones) raised barricades and clashed with FF.EE (Carabineros Special Forces) in the vicinity of the University of Chile (FASCO) in commemoration of the murdered and disappeared during the … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Incendiary Action on the Eve of a New September 11

On September 1st, about 50 encapuchadxs (hooded ones) erected barricades and clashed with police with Molotov bombs in front of the UMCE (Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences). The action was framed within the context of the eve of a new … Continue reading

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IRPGF Celebrates the Birthday of Ş-Ivana Hoffmann, nom de guerre Avaşin Tekoşin Güneş (MLKP)

Şehid Ivana Hoffmann lost her life fighting Daiş, which is an undoubtedly selfless and courageous act. However, today, on her birthday, we choose not to focus on what she died for, but rather what she lived for. Today, we want … Continue reading

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Costa Rica: Memorial plaque vandalized by FAI-FRI in memory of Viviana Gallardo (Eng/Esp)

Received on 02.07.17: In the early hours of July 1st, 2017, two compañerxs carried out a direct action on the 36th anniversary of the murder of Viviana Gallardo at the hands of the state. The action takes place within the … Continue reading

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IRPGF Statement on the One Year Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Ş. Eylem (BÖG) and Ş. Sevda (MLKP)

  30.06.17: One year ago, two heroic women revolutionaries fell Şehîd in the Battle of Manbij against the fascism of Daesh and their allied gangs including the Turkish state. Şehîd Eylem and Şehîd Sevda were fighting simultaneously for the liberation … Continue reading

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IRPGF’s Response to the 28th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Incident

A Harbinger Of Revolution That Went Astray: What Did The Democratic Movement Of 1989 Reveal? IRPGF’s Response To The 28th Anniversary Of The Tiananmen Square Incident On April 15th, 1989, students of Beijing spontaneously gathered to mourn the recently deceased … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Incendiary Attack Against a Transantiago Bus in Memory Of Mauricio Morales

During the night of May 26, 2017, about 20 encapuchados (‘hooded ones’) left USACH (University of Santiago, Chile) to erect barricades on the corner of Matucana and Romero, where they managed to stop a Transantiago route 513 bus belonging to … Continue reading

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