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Greece: ‘Only the Ideas We Actually Live Are of Any Value’ – About the Hunger Strike of Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou

Received on 24.02.18: Today, 24/02, early in the morning, a group of police special forces (EKAM) entered Korydallos prison and abducted comrade Konstantinos Giagtzoglou (who is on hunger strike since 21/02 demanding his permanent transfer in Korydallos prison, located in … Continue reading

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Bremen, Germany: Arson Attack Against Military Contractor OHB in Solidarity with Afrin

We declare our solidarity with the revolutionary Rojava project in Kurdistan and its defence. With our action we oppose the Turkish war of aggression in Afrin. We call for the sabotage of the German arms industry! During the night of … Continue reading

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Hamburg, Germany: Attack Against Police Surveillance Contractor Eurocommand

You take our breath away, we take your breath away! During the night of 17.02 to the 18.02.2018 we targeted Eurocommand GmbH on 92b Gärtner street in Halstenbek 25469, we smashed the windows and threw butyric acid into the rooms. … Continue reading

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Turkey: Revolutionary Student Movement (DÖH) Claim Responsibility for 5 Arson Attacks Against AKP Targets in Solidarity with Afrin

The Revolutionary Student Movement (DÖH) has carried out a series of actions for Afrin. In a written statement they called on all patriotic students to support the resistance in Afrin. In addition, they have published the balance sheet of their … Continue reading

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Report-Back on Actions for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist & Antifascist Prisoners in Russia

Received on 18.02.18: On February 5-12, an International Week of solidarity with Anarchist and Antifascist Prisoners in Russia took place. 21 actions against repression were joined by 21 Russian cities and a large number of foreign comrades, from Belarus to … Continue reading

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İzmir, Turkey: Incendiary Actions by Kurdish Youth in Revenge for Civilians Massacred in Afrin

15.02.18: In a written statement, angry Kurdish youth have claimed responsibility for incendiary attacks against a State-owned gymnasium and a bakery owned by an AKP collaborator. In their statement they declare: “We call on all Kurdish youths to take action … Continue reading

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Turkey: Wave of Incendiary Attacks by DGH and DGKH in Solidarity with the Defenders of Afrin

The Revolutionary Youth Movement (DGH) and the Revolutionary Young Women’s Movement (DGKH) have published a written report of the actions they have taken for Afrin. On their balance sheet, the young people assessed the situation in Kurdistan and called everyone … Continue reading

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