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Prostitutes’ War Group: Field action report 2017 #1

Prostitutes War Group (PWG) is extremely pleased to relay a field action recently undertaken by a Spanish comrade. PWG received a detailed account of a successful sabotage against a particularly odious character our comrade undertook offensive, covert action against. PWG … Continue reading

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Istanbul, Turkey: Anarchist Banner and Sticker Actions against the Referendum

Coordinated actions by anarchists in the eve of Referendum against dictatorship and democracy.. Some anarchist groups in Istanbul, organized coordinated actions against democracy and dictatorship in the context of Turkish constitutional referendum, and to salute ‘Coordination of Anarchist Groups’, which … Continue reading

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Valparaíso, Chile: Action Communique for the Day of the Young Combatant

University of Valparaíso, March 29, 2017 Today we are again remembering our fallen 32 years since the murder of Paulina, Rafael and Eduardo by the guardians of power. We remember Mauricio and Jonny Cariqueo who were assassinated within contexts of … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Clashes outside the former teacher’s school for Day of the Young Combatant (23.03.17)

The rebel struggle is our best homage for an active and combative March 29. To the streets to commemorate and remember one more year of the fall in combat of all our combatant comrades. Rafael and Eduardo Vergaro we do … Continue reading

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Paraguay: About the riots in Asunción

On Friday March 31 despite the feelings we encountered and the internal confrontations we had faced with the question we asked ourselves and our compas – what do we as anarchists care about the constitution or the political crisis? …the … Continue reading

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Asunción, Paraguay: The joy of burning Congress – a symbol of state oppression

The powerful in Paraguay are masters of everything, including social and political conflicts. They have many tentacles. They let people take part in these conflicts but only as spectators or pawns. Forced to participate in this way, the people sometimes … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Incendiary action outside USACH University for Day of the Young Combatant

Today we launch ourselves into the street again… To commemorate a new March 29, remembering those who have fallen fighting against the dictatorship and more recently this disgusting false democracy. They continue in our memory, we recognize the importance of … Continue reading

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