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Brazil: Rafael Braga sentenced to eleven years in prison

The judgment was published on the the Rio de Janeiro’s Court of Justice web site, on Thursday (20/04). The collector of recyclable material was held convicted for trafficking and association for drug trafficking. In a sentence published on the website … Continue reading

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Greece: 11th appeals trial hearing of anarchist-communist comrade Tasos Theofilou

Reporting by Giant and Sylvia for OmniaTV, translated into English by BlackCat for Insurrection News. The hearing started with the testimony of an artist (oil painter) who said that he was with Tasos on the 10th of August (the day … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Anarchist comrade Marios Seisidis sentenced to 36 years imprisonment

Comrade Marios Seisidis has been acquitted of six of the robberies that he had been accused of but was found guilty of the bank heist at Solonos street and three consecutive ‘attempted murder’ charges (concerning the bank guard and two … Continue reading

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The Netherlands: Comrade placed in isolation due to inability to scan fingerprints

The comrade who was arrested last Saturday after a spontaneous demonstration in the Schilderswijk, The Hague (Netherlands), is still being kept by the authorities. They are building up the pressure on him and are making his situation even more difficult. … Continue reading

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Greece: Another parcel bomb sent to a judge

According to the Greek press, on July 28 police reported another parcel bomb was sent to a state judge, in this case it was sent to the bastard P. Houzouris, who received a parcel bomb at home packed with nails … Continue reading

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Australia: Stripped, tear-gassed, brutalized Aboriginal children in Northern Territory prison

It almost defies belief that in supposedly civilized Australia there is a prison system that locks up 10 year olds and places children as young as thirteen in solitary confinement. “This is barbarism, this is inhumane, this is child abuse,” … Continue reading

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Greece: 10 defendants in the CCF escape plan trial receive 115 year sentences from the vengeful Greek state

08.07.16: Breaking news from Greece: 10 Conspiracy of Cells of Fire defendants sentenced to 115 years each for the attempted prison escape. Relatives / loved ones of the CCF comrades – Evi Statiri, Athena Tsakalou and Christos Polydoros have all been … Continue reading

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