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Santiago, Chile: Anarchist Compañero Juan Flores Sentenced to 23 Years

On March 15, 2018, the sixth oral criminal court again decided on the life of a person. Imbued with their supposed moral superiority and with the penal code in hand, they performed their mathematical calculations to decide the time in … Continue reading

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Italy: Update on the Anarchist Comrades Imprisoned from ‘Operation Scripta Manent’ (Eng/Esp)

12.03.18:  All the defendants who are able to attend the hearings have expressed a desire to see a possible solidarity presence in the courtroom. Marco has attended some of the last hearings, but he doesn’t know whether he will attend … Continue reading

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Chile: Insurrectional Solidarity for the Upcoming Trial Preparation Against Joaquín and Kevin

“While solidarity is always important – in all aspects – we cannot be satisfied with many of the actions that arise in support of our affinities, although they are always necessary. We believe that an important part of recognizing oneself … Continue reading

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Chile: Urgent! Anarchist Compañera Tamara Sol has been Transferred Once Again to the Extermination Center in Valdivia

01.02.18: On February 28th, 2018, the prison administration decided to transfer Tamara Sol from the maximum security prison, where she has been held hostage since January 25th. This time, the jailers decided to move Compañera Sol, despite her having pending … Continue reading

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Czech Republic: New Text from Former Anarchist Prisoner Lukáš Borl about Prison Slavery

How Long Will the Exploitation of Prisoners by the Police and Courts Last? If there’s somebody forced to work for somebody else under the threat of violence, it’s something that we usually call enslavement or exploitation. However, if Czech police … Continue reading

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Bulgaria: Urgent! More than 30 Prisoners in Sofia Prison are on Hunger Strike (Eng/Bulg)

Received on 27.01.18: ALERTA ALERTA! More than 30 Sofia prison prisoners in hunger strike The director Peter Krestev is trying to stop symbolic protests for basic human rights in Bulgarian prisons by closing the prison shop in Sofia Prison. Prisoners … Continue reading

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Chile: Prison Officer Michelle Barahona, Responsible for the Harassment & Mistreatment of Anarchist Comrade Tamara Sol (Eng/Esp)

Barahona is a paco that climbed up the ranks attached to the socialists within the gendarmerie. From them she learned to speak about the focus on law and gender. In the 1990s while she was a lieutenant, she was known … Continue reading

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