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France: On Sabotage and Arson Attacks in Europe

From Paris sous Tension n°10 (juillet/août 2017) / Attaque, translated by Earth First! Journal If silence is frightening, it is perhaps because the absence of familiar sounds tends to reject us on ourselves. When we advance in the silent darkness, … Continue reading

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Saint-Laurent-Sous-Coiron, France: Arson Attack Against Communications Infrastructure by Wild Individualities

  At the edge of the Escrinet mountain pass, a culminating point on the road that ensures the connection between Privas and Aubenas, a relay antenna, a military-inspired cluster of buildings, a 30-by-30-step fence, well-known logos of Bouygues, SFR, Free, … Continue reading

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Crest, France: Incendiary Attack Against the Offices of Energy Company Enedis

A proposal for dialogue, solidarity and attack Incendiary Attack for a Dangerous June As individuals, it is difficult to speak of solidarity because we do not want to express it as a group, but to individuals whose feelings we feel … Continue reading

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Francia: Carta del compañero anárquico Damien Camelio

[Traducido por Sin Banderas desde Insurrection News] *Nota de Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras: Damien Camelio es un irreductible compañero anárquico insurreccional de Francia. Fue detenido en 2014 por las acciones incendiarias del Grupo de Acción Directa Internacional (GADI). Luego de … Continue reading

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France: New Letter From Anarchist Prisoner Damien Camelio

“It’s May 18th, the date of my parole, but I’m still in the slammer and I’m going to be staying here.

Sentence judge Catherine Ardaillon, left-wing trade unionist, activist at the Evry tribunal and at Fléury-Mérogis prison, has decreed that all the same, for cases like mine, its lucky that there are prisons and therefore adjusting my sentence is out of the question.

Unlike my last sentence, I am not under the yoke of the anti-terrorist law, but in practice it is still applied to me.” Continue reading

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Grenoble, France: Incendiary attack targeting 12 vehicles of energy company ERDF / Enedis

29-30.06.17: The most deadly enterprises are strategically adorned with new names. Suez becomes Engie, Vinci becomes Indigo, ERDF becomes Enedis. These changes of appearance do not miraculously deceive. In a world where communication falsifies everything, let us frankly expose those … Continue reading

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Bure: Illegitimate vote, legal disaster, police invasion- the inexorable headlong rush of CIGEO (France)

A village is in a state of siege over its city council,  the “300 000 pas” demonstration is under close surveillance, a helicopter hedge hops and flies above Bure, several groups of mobile policemen stand with helmets and shields in … Continue reading

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