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France: Attacks in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Damien Camelio

We publish here some attacks from France in solidarity with the anarchist comrade Damien Camelio, who has been held in custody since December 8, 2016 in Fleury. Paris: Instead of lighting some candles.. Hello Damien, We learned of your imprisonment … Continue reading

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France: 945 torched cars on New Year’s Eve (17.5% more than last year)

While Germany freaked out over 1 burning car in Berlin, 900 times as many were torched in France. Most were targeted. On New Year’s Eve in France, significantly more cars burned than what the authorities first announced. In total 945 … Continue reading

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France: Back in the Slammer – A letter from Damien from the Fleury-Mérogis jail

Damien was arrested on Wednesday, December 7 in Bretagne, charged with attacks against the Chambre of Commerce, a Jaguar dealership, and other targets during a demo that took place on April 14 between Paris’ 10th and 19th districts. This is … Continue reading

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France: Tension is rising in the occupied forest of Lejuc, Bure

Received on 30.11.16: Recently we published an emergency call-out concerning the situation of our fresh, small but active forest occupation standing against the nuclear monster Andra and its CIGEO plan. On 24th of november, our eviction threat got concrete. The … Continue reading

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France: Emergency call-out from the forest occupation in Bure

You know how these occupations often go: bad people start destroying the environment, good people intervene, and in the end the bad people get the papers to favour them and start the bulldozers once more. This is exactly what just … Continue reading

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France: Call-out from the Bure Forest Occupation

Call-out from a fresh forest occupation in Bure, France: feel like joining us in and for this struggle? Autumn has arrived – and as nights grow longer, we keep on struggling against the planned underground disposal facility for highly radioactive … Continue reading

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France: Solidarity with prisoners of the Social War

From Bordered by Silence Solidarity Weekend for Prisoners of the Social War Saturday October 29 and Sunday October 30 How do we demonstrate our solidarity with shared acts of revolt, even in the face of repression? In this period of … Continue reading

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