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Report-Back on Actions for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist & Antifascist Prisoners in Russia

Received on 18.02.18: On February 5-12, an International Week of solidarity with Anarchist and Antifascist Prisoners in Russia took place. 21 actions against repression were joined by 21 Russian cities and a large number of foreign comrades, from Belarus to … Continue reading

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Corrèze, France: The Torrefied Pellet Plant Will Not Be Built on Limousin Mountain!

Received on 16.02.18: This is an invitation from the Limousin Mountain to all potential accomplices who oppose the industrial offensive currently taking place under the veil of an ‘ecological transition’. To our dear Friends in struggle in Khimky, in Bure, … Continue reading

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France: From Portes-lès-Valence to Compiègne, Fire to the Municipal Police!

Compiegne (Oise): Van of the Municipal Police in Ashes! On the night of Saturday, February 3rd to Sunday, February 4th, a van of the municipal police parked on the Place de l’Ancien-Hopital, self immolated. It seems that they were fed … Continue reading

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Paris, France: Incendiary Attack Against a Diplomatic Vehicle in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

One January night in Paname* We were walking through the rich neighbourhoods on Monday night looking for a way to ruin their sleep. We do not wait patiently for a hypothetical revolution to come when we really don’t know when, … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: Greetings to the ZAD from Rigaer 94

Received on 20.01.18: Greetings to the Zad The media is reving up their attempts to frame the coming political decision on the future of the planned airport on the occupied area of the ZAD NDDL in a flattering light and … Continue reading

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France: Freedom for Georges Louis!

Recived on 19.01.18: Our comrade Georges Louis, union representative at the CGT (General Workers Confederation) and a militant of the Secours Rouge Arabe (Arabian Red Help), was arrested again. At 4.30 AM, 10 armed and masked policemen and 4 civilian … Continue reading

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Besançon, France: Graffiti in Solidarity with the Insurgents in Iran

(via Sans Attendre Demain)

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