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Video: Rebuild Libertatia // Η LIBERTATIA ΘΑ ΜΕΙΝΕΙ

Received on 07.03.18: ΠΟΡΕΙΑ 10/3/18 // ΠΡΟΣΥΓΚΕΝΤΩΣΗ 11.00 LIBERTATIA // ΣΥΓΚΕΝΤΡΩΣΗ 12.00 ΚΑΜΑΡΑ Mobilisation video for 10/3/2018 antifascist demo in Thessaloniki in solidarity with Libertatia squat, an anarcist social centre burned down by fascists during the January 21 “Macedonia is … Continue reading

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Narrm / Melbourne, So-Called Australia: Anti-Golden Dawn Banner Drop Behind Enemy Lines

Received on 28.02.18: On Sunday the 25th of February, 2018, a small group of antifascists successfully hung several banners on an overpass pedestrian crossing, which was along the route of a Greek patriot march which primarily rallied around the nationalist … Continue reading

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Karditsa, Greece: Graffiti Action by R(A)TS CREW in Memory of Pavlos Fyssas / Killah P (Greek/English)

Greece: Graffiti offensive in Karditsa, Thessaly by the anarchist street art collective R(A)TS CREW to commemorate four years since the brutal murder of antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas. “4 χρόνια μετά τη δολοφονία του Παύλου Φύσσα και 3 χρόνια Δεν έχουμε … Continue reading

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Greece: From Charlottesville to Athens – Antifa Riot 4 Years After the Murder of Pavlos Fyssas by Neo-Nazis

(For Pavlos Fyssas, Heather Heyer, Clement Meric, Carlos Palomino, Guillem Agulló, Sonia, Roger and to all the fallen antifascist comrades) On September 16, 2017 thousands of antifascists in Athens, Greece marched towards the headquarters of the “Golden Dawn” fascist party, … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Statement from Antifascist-Antiauthoritarian Centre Distomo

The antifascist centre Distomo opened in November 2014 in St. Panteleimon which was for many years a site where fascist and parastate gangs gathered, an area used by the Golden Dawn as a stronghold to increase the number of its … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Antifascists attack Golden Dawn HQ with sledgehammers & axes

Greece, 31.03.17: At about 9:30 Friday morning on March 30, 2017, approximately 30 anarchists – antifascists armed with sledgehammers, axes and red & black paint attacked the headquarters of the Golden Dawn party in Athens,  despite it’s close proximity to the … Continue reading

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Komotini, Greece: Antifascist demonstration against the opening of a Golden Dawn office (06.11.16)

(via Mpalothia)

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