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Kolkata, India: Antifa Anarchist Action in Solidarity with Bulgarian Prisoner Resistance

  Received on 26.02.18: In response to the call for solidarity initiatives in support of hunger striking prisoners in Bulgaria, a group of anarchist travelers based in India, undertook a minimum solidarity action on 19 February, 2018. A banner written … Continue reading

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Bulgaria: Urgent! More than 30 Prisoners in Sofia Prison are on Hunger Strike (Eng/Bulg)

Received on 27.01.18: ALERTA ALERTA! More than 30 Sofia prison prisoners in hunger strike The director Peter Krestev is trying to stop symbolic protests for basic human rights in Bulgarian prisons by closing the prison shop in Sofia Prison. Prisoners … Continue reading

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Bulgaria: Urgent Call for International Solidarity with the Prisoners in Sofia Prison

  Immediate call for international solidarity! In a similar statement circulated amongst prisoners in Sofia Prison, we outline the problems we have faced in the last year with the appointment of the Director Peter Krestev in April 2017. Prisoners in … Continue reading

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