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Santiago, Chile: Incendiary Attack Against the Mother of Divine Providence Parish During the Visit of the Pope

Around 05:00hrs on January 16, 2018, the Mother of Divine Providence Parish located in the commune of Puente Alto suffered an arson attack. Anonymous attackers managed to break the padlock of the perimeter fence of the religious temple, then set … Continue reading

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Athens: Arson attacks against 2 churches in solidarity with Monica and Francisco

We believe that no particular reason is necessary to accompany a destructive action of manifestation of hate and anger against one of the most timeless oppressive mechanisms that the human flock created with ulterior motive to convert it to a … Continue reading

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The Failure of Christianity by Emma Goldman

The counterfeiters and poisoners of ideas, in their attempt to obscure the line between truth and falsehood, find a valuable ally in the conservatism of language. Conceptions and words that have long ago lost their original meaning continue through centuries … Continue reading

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