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Greece: Imprisoned Revolutionary Struggle Members Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis Begin New Hunger Strike

Received on 13.11.17: November 11, 2017 THE ROTTEN SYSTEM AND THE ABSENCE OF RESISTANCE ARE THE REASONS FOR THE ROTTING OF SOCIETY Almost 10 years after the outbreak of the crisis with the collapse of the financial system, bank bankruptcy, … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Responsibility Claim for the Attack Against Pefki Police Station

On Saturday September 16th, antifascist protests we carried out for the 4 years since the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by a raiding battalion of the Golden Dawn – during the day in Keratsini and in the evening in downtown Athens. … Continue reading

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Greece: Statement for Kostas B. from Pola Roupa & Nikos Maziotis, Imprisoned Members of Revolutionary Struggle

Received on 25.09.17: At dawn on 17/9, the 16-year-old Kostas B. was brutally beaten by police officers and arrived at the intensive care hospital KAT. The political leadership of the police, the Ministry of Public Order and the SYRIZA-ANEL government … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece, 18.05.17: Anarchists storm Parliament during the 2nd day of Anti-Austerity Riots

“We won’t live like slaves – The only lost battles are the ones that they have not been given”. On Thursday 18 May 2017 thousands of people joined a 2nd day of protests following a general strike all over Greece … Continue reading

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Greece: 14 year old refugee girl attempts suicide at Elliniko Immigrant Detention Center

A 14 year old refugee girl from Afghanistan was transferred to Evangelismos hospital following a suicide attempt on the 2nd of August. F. has been living in squalid conditions inside the Elliniko Immigrant Detention Center where she has been jailed … Continue reading

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Greece: SYRIZA headquarters occupied in Thessaloniki

27.07.16: As an immediate response to the pogrom of the SYRIZA government against occupied buildings used as refugee and immigrant housing, we occupied the HQ of SYRIZA on Egnatia street in Thessaloniki today. We demand all prosecuted comrades to be … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Riots erupt following a Riot Police attack on thousands of protesters (8/5/2016)

On Sunday 8 May 2016, while the government of SYRIZA & ANEL inside the greek parliament were attacking what little has been left in the dignity of the people in the country to survive, by voting in favor of raising … Continue reading

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