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Madrid, Spain: Attack against a Bankia branch in solidarity with the compañera sentenced for bank robbery in Germany

On the night of June 7th, an explosive-incendiary device was placed in a branch of Bankia located in the Mirasierra colony of Madrid, disturbing the tranquillity of the upper-middle class people that reside there. This urban area is populated with … Continue reading

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Germany: Arson Attack Against a Police Station in Weilheim

During the night of 05.06.17 to 06.06.17 we attacked the cops with fire and make the following statement: This is an anti-terrorist attack, an attack against the terror of the bourgeois state, its institutions and the general logic of exploitation … Continue reading

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IRPGF: Solidarity with Spanish anarchists on trial in Aachen (Rojava / Germany)

On January 23, the trial began against two Barcelona anarchist comrades accused of expropriating banks in Aachen (Germany). The two are currently in the prison of said city, in solitary confinement from their arrest in April of 2016. It seems … Continue reading

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Germany: Bismarck Monuments Attacked in Protest Against Colonialism and the upcoming G20 Conference

In the past few days, we have attacked Bismarck monuments in various German cities. With these attacks, we are taking aim at a colonial continuity, expressed in the worship of the organizers of the Berlin Africa Conference of 1884, which … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: Second night of anti-state violence in Friedrichshain

This Saturday night, May 28, after a film screening, activists started digging a ditch across Liebig Street in Friedrichshain. The goal was to stop police cars and other undesirable traffic on this road, which builds the Dorfplatz at the crossing … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: Rigaer Street sends aggressive solidarity to GARE & everybody resisting state oppression

When some people learned about the recent trouble to GARE Squat in Exarcheia (Athens), they decided on Friday evening 26/05, to hang a banner in Rigaer Street, Friedrichshain (Berlin). After some minutes, Riot Police and Undercover Agents arrived at the … Continue reading

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Hamburg, Germany: Arson Attack Against the Vehicle Fleet of ‘Deutsche See’

Responsibility claim for the arson attack against the vehicle fleet of the ‘Deutsche See’ company at Große Elbstraße 244, Hamburg on 28.04.2017 – To attack G20 also means to attack those who profit from the destruction of global fish catchments … Continue reading

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