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Greece: Protests continue in Korydallos Women’s Prison

On Friday Oct. 14th a delegate from the Ministry of Justice came to the women’s prison as per our request. During the meeting we discussed in depth our issues and proposed solutions in order to re-allocate the prison space and … Continue reading

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Korydallos Prison, Greece: Banner in solidarity with the US Prison Strike

Dignity can’t be imprisoned Solidarity with the prisoners fight against prison slavery in USA International Day of Solidarity 01/10/2016 1st wing of Korydallos prison (via Mpalothia)

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Greece: Mobilization at Korydallos Women’s Prison

The last few years, it was announced by high ranking officials at the ministry of justice that a new modern block would operate within women’s prison, in the context of improving conditions incarceration. The old blocks were evacuated following the … Continue reading

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Greece: Open letter from the Prisoners of Greek Prisons

Open letter from the prisoners of Greek prisons to the jointly responsible ministers of public order and justice: On the 3rd of August 2016, the recently released -and former co-prisoner of ours- Pëllumb Marnikollaj goes to Patisia Police Station to … Continue reading

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Greece: Initiative for Prisoners’ Rights condemns the police brutality against anarchist comrades M. Seisides & K. Sakkas

Athens, August 10th 2016 The incidents of violent assaults against detainees in the jails run by the Greek police continue unabated. From the former minister of Citizen Safety M.Chrysochoides to the current one N. Toscas it’s as if a day hasn’t gone by. … Continue reading

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Greece: New statement from the political prisoners in Korydallos prison

On the 4th of July prisoners in Korydallos men’s prison began mobilizing in order to assert a number of demands that are relevant to all prisoners and all people that still want to be called human. The demands concern extending … Continue reading

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Greece: Summary of the sentences for the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire escape plan trial

On July 8th 2016, the Koridallos prison court – presided over by special judge Asimina Yfanti – convicted all members of the anarchist revolutionary organisation Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, who were accused of placing an explosive device at Koridallos … Continue reading

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