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Grenoble, France: Frontex Conference Disrupted at the University of Grenoble

On Thursday, March 22nd, about 150 people gathered in front of the IMAG building at the University of Grenoble. Inside the building a conference was being held by the various players involved in the militarization of the borders: Frontex (European … Continue reading

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Meylan, France: Arson Attack Against the Gendarmerie Barracks

The series of incendiary attacks against the gendarmerie continues. This time it was the barracks in Meylan, near Grenoble that was targeted. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, October 26th, four personal vehicles of the gendarmes were torched, blackening … Continue reading

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Limoges, France: Arson Attack Targeting Energy Company Enedis Destroys 20 Vehicles

Note from Insurrection News, 25.10.17: During the night of October 23rd to 24th, a fire destroyed twenty vehicles belonging to the company Enedis (formerly known as ERDF), the electric power grid operator for most of France. Graffiti was left at … Continue reading

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Francia: Solidaridad Incendiaria / Reivindicación de Ataque Incendiario Contra la Gendarmería de Grenoble

[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde Insurrection News] 21.09.17: Este jueves a las tres de la mañana, el segundo día del juicio por el coche quemado. Entramos en el cuartel de gendarmería de Vigny-Musset. Se quemaron 6 camionetas de … Continue reading

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France: Incendiary Solidarity (Responsibility Claim for the Arson Attack Against the Grenoble Gendarmerie)

21.09.17: This Thursday at three o’clock in the morning, the second day of the burned car trial. We entered the Vigny-Musset gendarmerie barracks. We burned 6 intervention vans and two logistics trucks. More than 1500 square meters of the garage … Continue reading

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Grenoble, France: Incendiary attack targeting 12 vehicles of energy company ERDF / Enedis

29-30.06.17: The most deadly enterprises are strategically adorned with new names. Suez becomes Engie, Vinci becomes Indigo, ERDF becomes Enedis. These changes of appearance do not miraculously deceive. In a world where communication falsifies everything, let us frankly expose those … Continue reading

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Grenoble, France: Arson attack against Metro vehicles

Grenoble métropole appeased… We are in the métropole. A site for the storage and exploitation of human resources. We are piled up, parked, subdued, locked up, monitored and hindered. For our own good, with kindness, and benevolence, for a Green … Continue reading

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