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Santiago, Chile: Arson attack against a luxury car dealership

During the morning of January 7 at about 02:00AM an anonymous person emerged from a vehicle and threw an incendiary device that exploded and caused a fire inside the Larruy car dealership located in the wealthy commune of Las Condes … Continue reading

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Mexico: Incendiary attack against a gas station in Tultitlán by ‘Punky Maury’ Informal Action Cell FAI-IRF

Yesterday we attacked the gas station located on Canal Prados avenue in Tultitlán, State of Mexico with incendiary bombs and molotov cocktails causing a fire in the gasoline pumps which we could not stop to appreciate or calculate the damages. … Continue reading

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France: 945 torched cars on New Year’s Eve (17.5% more than last year)

While Germany freaked out over 1 burning car in Berlin, 900 times as many were torched in France. Most were targeted. On New Year’s Eve in France, significantly more cars burned than what the authorities first announced. In total 945 … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Incendiary attack against a Transantiago bus by Antagonistic Nuclei of the New Urban Guerrilla

As we warned…We have returned By means of this text we claim responsibility for the total destruction of the route 230 Transantiago bus in the commune of Puente Alto today (26.12.16) by means of a homemade incendiary device. We already … Continue reading

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Mexico: Incendiary attack against ATMs in Tijuana by Black Wolves & Mario Buda Incendiary Cells FAI-FRI

From Contra-Info Translated by It’s Going Down The dawn of December 7 we placed and set off an incendiary device in one of many automatic teller machines in the rotten city of Tijuana. The device was composed of 250 grams of … Continue reading

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Chile: NEMESIS PROJECT – Incendiary / explosive attack against the National Association of Judiciary Officials

On the night of December 11, we placed a homemade incendiary/ explosive device with a delay system in the National Association of Judiciary Officials building located on Cienfuegos street in the center of Santiago. The device detonated perfectly and set … Continue reading

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Genoa, Italy: Incendiary attack in solidarity with anarchist comrades arrested in Op. ‘Scripta Manent’

GENOA: 17/11 VEHICLE OF ENI* TORCHED — Solidarity with arrested in Op. Scripta Manent. FOR ANARCHY *oil and gas company (via Traces Of Fire & Croce Nera Anarchica)

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