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New Online Project: Warrior Up – Techniques for Sabotaging Capitalist Infrastructure & Extractive Industries

“The question is no longer one of theory, but of practice: How to blockade the flows of capitalism as to halt ecological degradation and human exploitation? It may end with generalised social war, but it begins with groups of friends. … Continue reading

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Mato Grosso, Brazil: Mundukuru People Defending Their Land Welcomed With Bombs and Repression by the State

Received on 17.10.17: Mato Grosso – On Friday, October 13th, about 80 Indigenous Munduruku People landed at the construction site of the São Manoel hydroelectric plant, after a seven-day trip on the Teles Pires River, to demand compliance with agreements … Continue reading

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Mato Grosso, Brasil: Pueblo Mundukuru es Recibido Con Bombas en Defensa de Su Territorio

Recibido el 17.10.17: Mato Grosso – este viernes, 13, cerca de 80 indígenas Munduruku desembarcaron en el cantero de obras de la hidroeléctrica de São Manoel tras siete dias de viaje por el río Teles Pires, para exigir el cumplimiento … Continue reading

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Mato Grosso, Brasil: Povo Mundukuru é Recebido Com Bombas em Defesa de Seu Território

Recebido em 17.10.17: Mato Grosso – Nesta sexta-feira, 13, cerca de 80 indígenas Munduruku desembarcaram no canteiro de obras da hidrelétrica de  São Manoel/MT depois de sete dias de viagem pelo rio Teles Pires, para exigir o cumprimento de acordos … Continue reading

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So-Called ‘Australia’: Solidarity Campaign for Joanne and Dylan Voller

Update, 05.10.17: last week a group of #ShutYouthPrisons peaceful protesters in Alice Springs, including Dylan Voller and his mum Joanne Voller, were arrested. 8 people received fines, amounting to $432 each. This is no small amount to an individual, but if we all chip in … Continue reading

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Chile: Urgent Call for National & International Solidarity with the 107+ Day Mapuche Political Prisoner Hunger Strike

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 Since July 7th, 2017, four Mapuche Political Prisoners have maintained a hunger strike that has now lasted upwards of over 107 days. They have been held in pre-trial custody for over a year, under what has … Continue reading

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USA: A Call To Action – Deface Columbus Day October 9th, 2017

The battles lines have been drawn and white supremacists are on notice. White nationalist statues are crumbling all over the US as our collective revolutionary power is growing. As the monuments of white supremacist society fall we must continue to … Continue reading

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