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Worldwide: Call for a Black December!

Received and translated by Insurrection News on 01.12.17: With the anarchist Sebastián Oversluij in our memory, four years since his death in combat in Chile during an attempted bank expropriation in December 2013. With swollen hearts, remembering the anarchist comrade … Continue reading

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Solidaritas Untuk Papua (Barat) Merdeka (Salatiga) / Salatiga, Indonesia: Demo in Solidarity with West Papua Struggle

*Scroll down for English translation* 15 November 2017, Salatiga (Jawa Tengah) Solidaritas antar berbagai aliansi termasuk diantaranya Federasi Mahasiswa Libertarian (FML), Aliansi Mahasiswa Papua (AMP) terjadi di kota kecil Salatiga, tepatnya di Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana. Solidaritas ini merupakan seruan … Continue reading

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Indonesia: Chronology/Kronologi (Update on Resistance Against NYIA) (Eng/Indo)

29.08.17: Communities who joined in the refusal (PWPP or Community Against Eviction –  Kulon Progo) against airport development from 08.00 this morning began gathering near heavy equipment located on the border of Glagah-Palian, to block heavy equipment that will excavate coastal … Continue reading

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Indonesia: Update on Resistance to the New Yogyakarkta International Airport (Eng/Indo)

Monday, August 28 at 13.00, heavy equipment escorted by hundreds of police entered the southern farm, displacing citizens’ land and causing damage including land of citizens who refused to build Kulon Progo airport (NYIA). Prior to this there had been … Continue reading

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Indonesia: Report on the Struggle Against ‘New Yogyakarta International Airport’ (NYIA) in Kulon Progo

Received on 20.08.17: Since 8 August last week, particularly in Macanan Glagah area and 10 August heavy machinery were already operating within the compromised area (the area in which some community of peasants already sell their land and compromised with … Continue reading

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Indonesia: Urgent! Compañera Anzi Matta Seriously Injured in Motorbike Accident

via 325: Unfortunately, tragedy has struck again in our community in Indonesia. Our friend Anzi Matta was in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday 26 July. Her left arm is severely broken in several places and she desperately needs surgery to … Continue reading

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UK / Indonesia: Two New Critiques of the So-Called ‘Eco-Extremist’ Group ITS

“Eco-extremism and the indiscriminate attack – The Church of ITS Mexico” by L (UK) “And Severino Di Giovanni’s actions were never violent for the sake of it. They were never indiscriminate or striking at anything at all in order to … Continue reading

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