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Radical Mapuche Struggle: Ancestral Resistance Against the State and Capital (Eng/Esp)

“Each individuality, group, tribe or original people have their own ways of resisting this system. However they have the same enemy who represses and oppresses them and the ultimate goal of their struggles is to live freely and autonomously.” – Compañero … Continue reading

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Mexico: Chronicle of days of looting & revolt. Or what is to come

translated from the Spanish. Originally published on Jan. 8th, 2017 in Antagonismo – Por el communismo y anarquia. English translation via Ediciones Ineditos, who we thank for allowing us to republish it. ****** How much more can they take from … Continue reading

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Our ‘Demands’ from States and Companies as ‘Some’ Anarchists from Turkey

1- Looting from private properties like supermarkets, shopping malls and storages of companies; should be legitimate. 2- Robberies from banks and jewelers should be legitimate. 3- Intruding and destroying private properties like hotel, residence, factory; should be legitimate. 4- Jobs … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: About the conflicts of the 17th November at the Polytechnic

We take responsibility for the participation in the conflicts of November 17th, 2016 in Athens at the Polytechnic. We are delighted for their scope, and for the 6 cops in the hospital. We are pleased that we were actively part … Continue reading

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Stop Protesting and Become A Revolutionary: How to Join the FAI

As the United States totters ever closer towards total collapse and WW3 looms on the horizon, one question burns with increasing intensity in the minds of Anarchists everywhere: what can I do to help destroy things? Not since the heyday’s … Continue reading

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Anarquía aquí y ahora: por la insurrección sin líderes ni dirigentes

Anarquía aquí y ahora: por la insurrección sin líderes ni dirigentes. Quienes en la lucha por la Liberación humana, animal y de la Tierra asumimos una actitud de confrontación contra el poder en todas sus formas, no queremos sentarnos a mirar cómo pasan las cosas frente a nuestros ojos sino … Continue reading

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France: Short response to the enraged proletarians (Français / Español / English)

Far from us to claim we represent the «movement», but since you use Mpalothia as «media» broadcast we felt questioned. You look at «our struggle», so we have taken note. To be clear we specify that «our struggle» existed before … Continue reading

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