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Turkey: Revolutionary Youth Movement (DGH) Release the Balance Sheet of their February Offensive in Solidarity with Afrin

    While the Turkish occupation army continues its invasion operation, the epic resistance continues in Afrin. In support of the Afrin resistance, the DGH has carried out actions and released a statement. The balance sheet is as follows: On … Continue reading

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Turkey: Wave of Incendiary Attacks by DGH and DGKH in Solidarity with the Defenders of Afrin

The Revolutionary Youth Movement (DGH) and the Revolutionary Young Women’s Movement (DGKH) have published a written report of the actions they have taken for Afrin. On their balance sheet, the young people assessed the situation in Kurdistan and called everyone … Continue reading

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Turkey: Distributors of Anarchist Newspaper Meydan Gazetesi Sentenced to 6 Months Imprisonment

On April 21, 2017, several comrades were arrested and detained in Kadıköy, Istanbul for distributing issue 33 of the Meydan Gazetesi anarchist newspaper and a call for May Day protests. The comrades Nergis Şen, Rıfat Güven and Zeynel Çuhadar were … Continue reading

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Istanbul, Turkey: Anarchist Banner and Sticker Actions against the Referendum

Coordinated actions by anarchists in the eve of Referendum against dictatorship and democracy.. Some anarchist groups in Istanbul, organized coordinated actions against democracy and dictatorship in the context of Turkish constitutional referendum, and to salute ‘Coordination of Anarchist Groups’, which … Continue reading

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İstanbul, Turkey: Food Not Bombs Action in Solidarity with Refugees

Turkey, 16.02.17: Yesterday, in solidarity with refugees in İzmir Torbalı, Bombalara Karşı Sofralar / Food Not Bombs İstanbul, in spite of police intervention to their protests and event, built their solidarity by reaching refugees in İstanbul. They remind us that … Continue reading

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İstanbul, Turkey, 15.02.17: Food Not Bombs Action In Solidarity With Refugees

As of February 8th, refugees living in tents in the Torbalı and Bayındır districts of İzmir are being evacuated in accordance with district governorate decisions and the intervention of the gendarmerie. The tent areas are being removed. Thousands of refugees, … Continue reading

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Turkey: Private employment office in Istanbul destroyed by Aziz Güler Freedom Forces Militia Organization

Aziz Güler Freedom Forces Militia Organization claimed responsibility for the destruction of a private employment office in Avcılar of Istanbul. Responsibility claim is as below: “An establishment performing as a worker trade center under the name of “Private Employment Office” … Continue reading

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