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Italy: Update on the Repression Against Anarchists in Naples

The pacification of political movements has led to the almost total disappearance from our society of any revolutionary aspiration, replaced with a frenetic rush to occupy the warm and comfortable seats that power offers. This has led to a fierce … Continue reading

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Italy: Green Hill Is Not Over!!

Received on 12.01.18: July 18th, 2012 An historical day: Green Hill is closed by the authorities. Before that date, a grass root campaign drove thousands of people to streets and demos and demonstrations against Marshall Bioresources, owner of Green Hill … Continue reading

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Naples, Italy: Repressive Operation Against FAI/FRI

Naples prosecutor Catello Maresca, in charge of an investigation on subversive association linked to FAI/FRI, demanded that twenty anarchist comrades be arrested and the Centro Studi Libertari, the place of anarchist group Louise Michel, and the 76/A anarchist space to … Continue reading

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Rome, Italy: Explosive Attack Against a Carabinieri Police Station in San Giovanni by Santiago Maldonado Cell FAI-FRI

In times of social peace and compliance there is no better reply than action. A stimulus, a continuity and a jolt to wake up those who sleep. Acting on one’s own initiative breaks the compliance and inaction and ignites those … Continue reading

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Italia: El prisionero anarquista Davide Delogu suspende su huelga de hambre el día 25

[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde Insurrection News] Hemos sabido que hoy, 29.11.17, Davide suspendió su huelga de hambre. Después de 25 días de huelga de hambre, Davide ha pasado de tener un peso corporal de 87 kg a … Continue reading

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Chile: In Memory of Renzo Novatore – Inconoclast, Anti-Dogmatic, Individualist, Nihilist & above all, Anarchist

Received and translated by Insurrection News on 01.12.17: “The world is a pestilent, filthy, slimy church where everyone has an idol to worship as a fetish and an altar on which to sacrifice themselves” – In the Realm of Phantoms, … Continue reading

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Por um Dezembro Negro!

Com o anárquico Sebastián Oversluij na memória, a quatro anos de sua morte em combate no Chile, em meio de uma tentativa de expropriação bancária em dezembro de 2013. Com o coração inchado recordando o companheiro anarquista Alexandros Grigoropoulos, a … Continue reading

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