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Belarus: Review of Anarchist Activity in 2017

The past year was quite eventful in the political life of Belarus, the most important event being the Spring protest of the Belarusians against the current government and its anti-social policies. And although the protest was brutally dispersed and the … Continue reading

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Kiev, Ukraine: Anarchist Action at the Belarusian Embassy in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in Belarus

On September 23, a group of Kiev anarchists held a picket outside the Belarusian embassy in solidarity with the anarchist prisoners. Activists unfurled a banner that said “DEATH TO THE DICTATOR!” and hung an effigy of Lukashenko on the fence … Continue reading

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Minsk, Belarus: Banner Action in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoner Kirill Alekseev

02.09.17: In Minsk, anarchists hung a banner with the inscription “We’ll destroy the dungeons, so that together we can go to the end!” in honour of the birthday of the arrested anarchist Kirill Alekseev. At the moment, Kirill is in the … Continue reading

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Belarus: Two Anarchists Detained For Molotov Attack in Ivatsevichi

02.09.17: It has become known that two anarchists were detained on suspicion of arson of an advertising billboard in Ivatsevichi. A video of the action is above. The comrades names are Kirill Alekseev and Igor Makarevich. Now they are being held … Continue reading

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