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Athens, Greece: Banner in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoner Lisa, Accused of Bank Robbery in Germany

Received on 22.12.17: Today, 21st of December, taking part in the international call for solidarity with the comrade Lisa accused of bank robbery in Aachen, Germany, we decided to hang a banner in the Polytechnic University, in Exarcheia, Athens. The … Continue reading

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Germany: 21st of December – Day of Solidarity with Imprisoned Comrade in Cologne

DAY OF SOLIDARITY WITH IMPRISONED COMRADE IN COLOGNE 21st of December we call to let the imagination flow and to express solidarity in its multiple forms. Once again we will show that our imprisoned comrades are not alone but present … Continue reading

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The Hague, Netherlands: Burn All Prisons! Graffiti in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners Lisa and Peike

30.10.17: Last weekend, we have put up a solidarity graffiti eighty meters long opposite the police headquarters and training center of The Hague, the Netherlands with the text: Burn All Prisons. The graffiti is in solidarity with Lisa and Peike who … Continue reading

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Chile: NEMESIS PROJECT – Explosive / Incendiary Attack Against the National Confederation of Truck Owners

Received (with photo) and translated on 01.08.17: NEMESIS PROJECT ACT V On the night of July 25, we attacked the building belonging to the National Confederation of Truck Owners of Chile, located on Almirante Barroso street in the city center … Continue reading

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Germany: Our shards against their repression

Received on 01.09.16: Our shards against their repression This is the beginning of our week. And every day should start like this for those profiteers responsible for the prison system… This morning, August 15th, we visited Television Service Jürgen Krüger … Continue reading

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