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London, UK: Tranarchism on Trial – Free The She-Wolf!

The British state stepped up its campaign against a trans anti-fascist squatter last week, charging her with battery, in connection to an alleged bust-up at a political gathering last year. Following the alleged incident she was tracked down, arrested by … Continue reading

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Indonesia: Solidarity Against NYIA (New Yogyakarta International Airport) in Makassar and Other Places

Photos from recent actions (Molotovs, banner drops, murals) in Makassar and other places in Indonesia against NYIA.  We urge for solidarity from international comrades to halt or destroy the megamachine completely! The following European companies are involved in the construction … Continue reading

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UK: Class War London take responsibility for devastating indiscriminate flood sabotage in posh area

“CLASS WAR hit watermain outside Foxtons Islington… and flood Boris Home in COLBROKE ROW……………. WE SAID WE’D BE BACK!” Class War London opened up a water main outside gated estate agents Foxtons, which flooded dozens of expensive multi-million pound homes in … Continue reading

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UK: Apoist Youth Initiative attack fascist organizations in London

  The Apoist Youth Initiative has attacked a London-based organization that is close to Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı (Presidency of Religious Affairs) and the Turkish Islamic Society in Newington Green / London. The 30 youths who attacked these two fascist organizations … Continue reading

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London, UK: New Anti-Raids group in Whitechapel

The border regime manifests itself in our everyday lives. Home Office “Immigration Enforcement” teams – working hand-in-hand with the police and local authorities – attack us on our streets, in our homes and workplaces. Whitechapel – and Tower Hamlets more … Continue reading

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London, UK: The old Crown Court in Southwark squatted

Received on 21.04.16: News from London squatters: The old Crown Court in Southwark squatted Between the Trinity House estate and the snatch-vans at Southwark Police Station, the old Crown Court was squatted. The building was formerly the Inner-London Crown Court, and was used to convict and imprison primarily poor … Continue reading

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London: Another Eviction Resistance at the Squatted Hope and Anchor

02.04.16: Squatters in Mornington Crescent successfully resisted a second eviction attempt on Wednesday. In another show of strength and solidarity by London squatters, thirty to forty people turned out against the bailiffs. Banners were dropped opposing the Housing Bill and … Continue reading

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