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IRPGF Statement on the One Year Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Ş. Eylem (BÖG) and Ş. Sevda (MLKP)

  30.06.17: One year ago, two heroic women revolutionaries fell Şehîd in the Battle of Manbij against the fascism of Daesh and their allied gangs including the Turkish state. Şehîd Eylem and Şehîd Sevda were fighting simultaneously for the liberation … Continue reading

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USA: Salute to anarchist YPG fighter Jordan MacTaggart from NYC anarchists

When anarchism was born, it was born as a borderless struggle and as a struggle for a free world. From its inception as a political theory its proponents moved across territories to engage in the struggle, connected with comrades, and … Continue reading

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Rojava: Medical Support for Kobane Campaign

Since 2013, the Kurdish region Northern Syria (Rojava) is fighting against terrorist groups, in particular against ISIS. After the Liberation of Kobanê last year, the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) and Kurdish forces (YPG/YPJ) were able to besiege Manbij, which is … Continue reading

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