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Mexico City: Explosive attack against a Citibanamex branch by Night Cats & Evil Sorcerers Incendiary Cell FAI-FRI

Mexico City: Explosive-incendiary attack in solidarity with the prisoners in Aachen Reasons to fight, we have plenty. We have taken into account the need to act directly against Capital, every time we find more reasons to continue fighting. A few … Continue reading

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Mexico: Anarchist graffiti in Oaxaca City

Received anonymously on 02.02.17:  Translations: (Left-Right, Clockwise) 1. Social War. Death To The State 2. If We Have To Set The Sky On Fire That Is The Way It Will Be 3. Organize Your Barricade And Fight 4. Death To … Continue reading

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Mexico: Chronicle of days of looting & revolt. Or what is to come

translated from the Spanish. Originally published on Jan. 8th, 2017 in Antagonismo – Por el communismo y anarquia. English translation via Ediciones Ineditos, who we thank for allowing us to republish it. ****** How much more can they take from … Continue reading

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Mexico: Incendiary attack against a gas station in Tultitlán by ‘Punky Maury’ Informal Action Cell FAI-IRF

Yesterday we attacked the gas station located on Canal Prados avenue in Tultitlán, State of Mexico with incendiary bombs and molotov cocktails causing a fire in the gasoline pumps which we could not stop to appreciate or calculate the damages. … Continue reading

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Mexico City, Mexico: Explosive attack against a Federal Electricity Commission branch by Earth Liberation Front

Destruction disguised as prosperity Prosperity?…Passive beings wandering in the streets…Longing for the peace and ‘security’ that is offered for being surrounded by modern technologies and gadgets that facilitate your life… But there is a high price to be paid for … Continue reading

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Mexico City, Mexico: Explosive attack against the Institute of Women by Informal Feminist Commando of Anti-authoritarian Action

After midnight… On December 20, 2016 at approximately two o’clock in the morning we placed an explosive device in the facilities of the Institute of Women in Mexico City located on 148 José María Izazaga, Colonia Centro which detonated successfully … Continue reading

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Mexico: Incendiary attack against ATMs in Tijuana by Black Wolves & Mario Buda Incendiary Cells FAI-FRI

From Contra-Info Translated by It’s Going Down The dawn of December 7 we placed and set off an incendiary device in one of many automatic teller machines in the rotten city of Tijuana. The device was composed of 250 grams of … Continue reading

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