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Minsk, Belarus: Stop the WAR, ERDOGAN!

Received on 07.02.18: Near the Turkish embassy in the centre of Minsk, Belarusian anarchists organized a protest against Erdogan’s agenda. Thus, local activists show a solidarity with comrades from Kurdistan, who are bravely fighting for the freedom and for the … Continue reading

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Belarus: Review of Anarchist Activity in 2017

The past year was quite eventful in the political life of Belarus, the most important event being the Spring protest of the Belarusians against the current government and its anti-social policies. And although the protest was brutally dispersed and the … Continue reading

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Minsk, Belarus: Banner Action in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoner Kirill Alekseev

02.09.17: In Minsk, anarchists hung a banner with the inscription “We’ll destroy the dungeons, so that together we can go to the end!” in honour of the birthday of the arrested anarchist Kirill Alekseev. At the moment, Kirill is in the … Continue reading

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Minsk, Belarus: Day of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

29.08.17: Last Saturday Minsk has joined the International Week of Solidarity with anarchist prisoners[1] – a marathon of actions and events happening around the world from 23 to 30 August. Yesterday we were remembering not only Belarusian anarchist prisoners but also … Continue reading

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May Day 2017: Anarchists Take Action In Cities Across Belarus

On May 1st, on the day of remembrance of workers who died in the struggle for their rights, anarchists in various cities of Belarus conducted actions of agitation calling on the people of Belarus to strike and resist. In Minsk, … Continue reading

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Belarus: Anarchists Hang a Banner and an Effigy of a Riot Cop in Minsk

28.04.17: The last few months in Belarus were marked by an upsurge in protests against Decree No. 3 or the ‘social parasite tax’: Actions and rallies took place across the country which really scared the Lukashenko government. On March 25, … Continue reading

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Belarus: Dozens of anarchists arrested in Minsk after anti-government protests

15.03.17: Today in three major cities of Belarus – Minsk, Mogilev and Grodno – people took the streets protesting against government attempts to collect tax off the unemployed (details of the story HERE). In Minsk, demonstrations managed to gather more … Continue reading

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