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USA: Announcing The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement – NYC Community Bail Fund

Received on 06.12.17: RAM NYC is proud to announce the launch of our Community Bail Fund and the first successful release of a person from the New York City jail system.  Unable to afford bail and facing minor charges, Max* … Continue reading

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USA: Destroy Colonialism Revolutionary Action

Received on 10.10.17: The US is a country, like many others, that will not, and in many ways cannot, come to terms with its remarkably barbaric inception. The narrative of Columbus’s exploits and the later colonization of the territory is … Continue reading

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USA: Banner Drops in NYC in Commemoration of the Attica Uprising & the Prison Strike

Received on 14.09.17: In Commemoration of the Attica Uprising and the Prison Strike By The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement – NYC For the anniversary of the Attica uprising, and the one year anniversary of the 2016 nationwide prison strike, we dropped … Continue reading

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USA: NYC Anarchist Action – “A Fire That Cannot Be Contained”

a fire that cannot be contained The prison strike noise demo in New York City reinvigorated the revolutionary movement and demonstrated the strength of our new organizational forms. We saw independent groups, committed to prison abolition, congregating in the streets to escalate actions against state … Continue reading

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USA: Salute to anarchist YPG fighter Jordan MacTaggart from NYC anarchists

When anarchism was born, it was born as a borderless struggle and as a struggle for a free world. From its inception as a political theory its proponents moved across territories to engage in the struggle, connected with comrades, and … Continue reading

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